7 Hilarious Reasons Your German Shepherd Gives You That Side Eye


Ever catch your pup giving you that side eye, like he’s trying to telepathically communicate his desires? 

You’re not alone! As a proud GSD owner, I’ve become quite the expert in deciphering their silent signals. 

Whether it’s the longing gaze for an extra belly rub or the subtle eye roll when you take too long to fill their food bowl, these silent signals are his way of saying, “Hey human, I have needs too!”

Come along and let’s explore the 7 reasons why your German Shepherd is giving you the side eye! 

#1 Your GSD Is Sending You Silent Signals

german shepherd dog looking aside while lying on the couch
Photo: Reddit

The most perplexing of all the silent signals is when dogs give you the side-eye treatment. It’s like they’ve unlocked the power of sarcasm with their eyes alone. 

Through his silent signals, my GSD has taught me to be a keen observer, always attuned to their unspoken needs. 

Whether it’s a subtle nudge when they want attention or a soft sigh that hints at his exhaustion, I’ve learned to navigate the intricacies of his silent language. 

It’s a special connection we share, a silent conversation that deepens our bond. 

Who needs words when you have a German Shepherd sending you silent signals, reminding you that sometimes the most powerful messages are conveyed without saying a single word?

#2 Squeaky Toys And Deafening Decibels


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Let’s talk about the uproarious chaos that happens when you introduce a squeaky toy to your German Shepherd. 

One squeeze of that innocent-looking toy, and your living room transforms into a canine concert hall, with decibels that could rival a rock concert. 

The high-pitched squeals and squawks fill the air, making your eardrums question their life choices, all while your German Shepherd gazes at you with a mix of amusement and silent judgment! 

Go ahead, try to take it away from him, you will be met with an even greater side-eye! 

#3 Your GSD Is Seeking Attention

german shepherd dog lying on the grass and looking aside
Photo: Reddit

So, you’re watching a TV show, and suddenly, you feel a piercing stare burning into your soul. 

You turn your head, and there it is — the side eye of undeniable demand. It’s as if he’s saying, “Hello, human! I exist, and I require your undivided attention.” 

Their subtle yet powerful communication through the side eye never fails to break through our distractions and remind us that in their world, they are the center of the universe. 

Now it’s time to put down the remote and give your GSD the attention he deserves, because in his eyes, you’re his everything!

#4 Your GSD Is Stressed Out

german shepherd puppy looking aside
Photo: Pinterest

Everybody gets stressed out from time to time, right? But, when our noble German Shepherds are feeling a bit funky, their side eye turns into a display of canine drama. 

Your GSD might be faced with a situation that gets him on edge, be it thunderstorms or a trip to the dreaded veterinarian. 

His eyes narrow, and a subtle yet intense side eye is unleashed, exhibiting his inner turmoil. 

As their loyal companions, we witness their side eye drama and can’t help but feel a mix of empathy and amusement. 

Their silent plea for comfort is palpable, reminding us to provide them with the extra love and snuggles!

#5 Your GSD Is Seeking Solace

german shepherd dog lying on the ground and looking aside
Photo: Pinterest

There are times when our German Shepherds seek solace and find refuge in their own quiet space, and their side eye becomes a symbol of their sanctuary. I’ve come to terms with the “Leave me alone” side eye that my lovely GSD shows. 

It feels like he’s saying “I need some alone time, please respect my space.” or “I’ve had a ruff day, and I need some me-time.” 

As owners, we learn to respect their need for tranquility and grant them the peace they seek. Don’t worry, it’s nothing out of ordinary, your pup probably had enough playtime and became a bit sleepy! 

But, if you see him wanting to be alone for longer periods of time, then something might be wrong. In that case, call your vet! 

#6 Your GSD Is Judging You

german shepherd puppy lying on the grass and looking aside
Photo: Pinterest 

You’re trying out your latest recipe creation, eagerly awaiting praise, when you catch your GSD’s disapproving side eye. It’s a look that screams, “Did you really think this culinary catastrophe was worthy of my taste buds?” 

His raised eyebrow and pursed lips make Gordon Ramsay’s critiques seem tame! 

From your questionable fashion choices to your questionable dance moves, your GSD has become the ultimate judge of style and talent, delivering verdicts with his unyielding side eye. 

Next time you find yourself under his scrutinizing gaze, take it as an opportunity to up your game and show him that you’re deserving of his prestigious approval!

#7 Your GSD Is Guilty Of Something

german shepherd puppy looking aside while sitting on the ground
Photo: Pinterest 

We’ve all seen it – the unmistakable side eye of guilt from our mischievous German Shepherds when they’ve been up to no good. 

So, you just walked into the room to find a shredded pillow, feathers scattered everywhere, and there, in the midst of the chaos, stands your GSD with a guilty side eye.

“Oops, did I do that?” 

His eyes dart away, avoiding direct contact, as if hoping that his side eye will divert your attention from the undeniable evidence of his misdeeds! 

Final Thoughts

German Shepherd’s side eye is a rather…quirky phenomenon! 

Whether they’re silently signaling their needs, expressing their disapproval, or confessing their furry crimes, their side-eye becomes a hilarious and relatable part of our daily interactions. 

Oh, our GSDs never fail to keep us entertained!