Skinny, Anemic Pup Dumped At A Parking Lot Defies All Odds After Being Rescued


Just recently, I was walking down a street, and I noticed a stray puppy living in a parking lot. At first, I felt really bad for him.

However, upon closer inspection of his surroundings, it turned out that he had a small home and lots of food. There were kind people who lived nearby and took care of him daily.

I wish this were possible for all stray dogs. If only more humans would care for and provide shelter or food for animals who need it the most.

For this puppy, the situation was completely different because he was dumped on the street by her previous owner, and nobody took care of him for a long time until someone special came into the picture.

Just In Time

very skinny puppy
Source: Animal Rescue

When a group of rescuers came to her aid, they just couldn’t believe the state she was in. She looked so malnourished and weak.

However, they noticed that she was quite happy after meeting her new rescuers. She even started wagging her tail, which was a good sign.

Soon after they found her, they decided to take her back to the shelter, where she would be safe until they could go to a veterinarian clinic.

skinny dog eating
Source: Animal Rescue

They gave her some soft food so she could eat and replenish her strength until the next morning, and she ate it all so fast.

It was sad to even think how long she must have gone without food, but there was no time for that now.

She Will Make It

skinny dog in a box
Source: Animal Rescue

The very next morning, they took the puppy, now named Bualoy, to the clinic and the vets did a thorough examination.

She weighed only 1.2 kg and was seriously dehydrated. The results showed that she had severe anemia, low blood pressure, and a high white blood count.

They gave her a blood transfusion as treatment, and she was doing a bit better afterward. However, she was still full of fleas, so they gave her some medicine for that as well.

The next day, Bualoy was eating a lot better and her health was improving slowly. They decided to give her a warm bath to help her get clean.

skinny dog with cute clothes
Source: Animal Rescue

She looked so adorable and her rescuers were so happy to see she was doing a bit better. The vets had to do another blood transfusion to help improve her health even more.

The vets also gave her rescuer some medicine that Bualoy had to consume on a daily basis, and hopefully, this treatment would solve most of the problems for this puppy.

They just knew that she was getting better with each day because she even started barking a little bit. It was so adorable.

A New Journey

cute dog with tongue out
Source: Animal Rescue

Bualoy is also eating a lot better now, and her appetite is a lot stronger. The rescuer who was taking care of her would let her play with other dogs in the house, and they loved her.

Her rescuer also bought the puppy a toy, and she plays with it all the time. Another thing she bought her were some nice clothes and she looks so sweet in them.

What surprised her a lot is that she is also very playful and friendly with other cats. It just goes to show that Bualoy is one very special puppy.

She has transformed so much in just a month and is looking healthier every day. Her rescuers are so proud of the progress she has made.

Soon enough, she will be ready for vaccinations and will also be placed on an adoption list so she can find a forever home. I am so glad to see everything turned out okay for this pup.