What Is A Shepkita And Why Are These Dogs So Desirable?

One thing is for sure – the Shepkita is not an ordinary dog! Despite their misfortunate status as a designer breed, these canines are far from being characterless. 

You probably won’t see them as often as Labs, Goldies, or some other popular breed, as Shepkitas are not as widespread and mainstream, which kind of makes them even more special and exotic!

But, how do they behave? What stands behind their glorious heritage? And, are they worth having as family pets? 

These are the mind-tickling questions that most Shepkita lovers are looking to answer, so let’s find out!

7 Reasons To Consider A Shepkita As Your Future Family Dog

#1 Their Heritage Says It All

german shepherd akita mix
Source: @beast_ragnar

Their name pretty much says it all! The Shepkita canine, also popular as the German Shepherd Akita mix, is a dog with an amazing heritage behind it. 

Being a mix of the Japanese national dog the Akita (for whom it is believed that it brings happiness, health, and longevity), and one of the smartest dogs in the world the German Shepherd, these dogs are beyond any doubt amazing!

#2 Muscular Like Akitas, Athletic Like GSDs

They may not be the tallest dogs in the world nor the biggest ones, but Shepkitas proudly hold their place in the large canine club. 

You can expect an average Shepkita puppy to be between 80 and 120 pounds in weight, and 24 to 28 inches in height. Just like their Akita ancestors, these hybrids have a sturdy, muscular, and stoic body.

On the other hand, their German Shepherd DNA adds to their overall athleticism and makes them fantastic sporting canines. In other words – these doggos are tireless companions that won’t say no to an adventure!

#3 The Fashion Segment Is Still There

Just because they’re muscular, strong, and eager to work, that doesn’t make them any less fashionable! Considering that Akitas come in a plethora of color patterns according to the AKC – you can expect your Shepkita to be either red, fawn, brindle, silver, or fawn.

A beautiful, fashionable double coat will make them shine at any gathering that you go to and probably make them the center of attention!

#4 You Can’t Neglect Their High Intelligence

side portrait of shepkita, a german shepherd and akita mix
Source: @beast_ragnar

Even though both Akitas and GSDs are known as quite intuitive and intelligent dogs, their German heritage is the main reason why they rank so high on the list of smart dogs!

According to experts, their German parents are the third most intelligent breed in the world, with an extremely high level of obedience. And, adding their Akita natural intuition – your Shepkita is practically a genius!

#5 They’ll Keep You Active Even On Rainy Days

If you’re a sporty person full of energy and you just crave outings – this is without any doubt the pawfect dog for you!

Taking into consideration how much German Shepherds need to walk on a daily basis – you can expect their offspring to be the same! Both Akitas and GSDs are extremely active dogs that love spending their time outside the house.

Sure, they love snuggling, but that’s just not their primary occupation. Nor a hobby! 

#6 You Don’t Need To Worry About Locking The Doors Anymore

short haired shepkita, or a german shepherd akita mix
Source: @gustavo.myassistant

Let’s put it this way – out of all Akita mixes, the GSD Akita one wins the contest of the greatest watchdog! 

With a Shepkita in the house, you won’t need to worry about your house or your back yard being safe from predators, violent dogs, or intruders anymore! These canines are high-alert dogs ready to defend you at all times!

They patrol, sniff around, and have amazing eyesight, and they will do anything to make you as safe as possible… unless, of course, trained otherwise!

#7 Loyalty At Its Finest

Sure, we’re all familiar with the fact that GSDs are masters of loyalty, but what about Akitas? Well, according to Tsygankova and Pet’ko1, these dogs “have a gentle, affectionate nature, and are known for their loyalty.”

With this in mind, expect your Shepkita companion to be as loyal as possible! They might not want to cuddle every minute of the day, but they sure will know how to show their loyalty when needed!

3 Potential Problems

photo of a long haired shepkita
Source: @billy_gsdakitamix

While there are so many more pros than cons when it comes to these beautiful hybrids, sometimes having a Shepkita in your home isn’t exactly a walk in the park. That’s why you need to be aware of their downsides, too! 

Here are the three most common that might help you make the decision!

#1 Excessive Shedding

Unfortunately, having a Shepkita in your house will definitely mean that you need to clean their fur from time to time. Unlike some big, non-shedding dogs, these canines shed seasonally, and they require at least a weekly brushing to remain spotless!

If you or some of your family members suffer from dog allergies, then this mixed breed is definitely not the dog for you!

#2 Possibly Aggressive Towards Strangers

If you’re a first-time owner and you just don’t know how to properly socialize a puppy from the start – then I wouldn’t recommend a Shepkita to be your first dog. 

Despite their high level of loyalty and amazing performance as a family dog, Shepkitas can be aggressive, especially towards strangers! This is due to their naturally-developed watchdog traits inherited from their parent breeds.

They will play, walk, and frolic with you any time possible, but that doesn’t magically make them super-friendly towards unfamiliar people.

#3 They’re Not Crazy About Kids

That’s right! While they might be excellent companions for single individuals or families of adults, they’re not exactly a kid-friendly type of dog.

Shepkitas simply don’t possess the naturally high level of tolerance towards little hoomans, and that’s a fact. They even tend to be aggressive with them if left unsupervised, which can be a major problem.

This, however, is a resolvable issue, but aggression towards the owner due to a genetic disorder requires immediate intervention.


Despite the fact that they’re not as popular as other family dogs, Shepkitas have a lot to offer! These working, stoic, loyal dogs are truly the best of both of their parents, which is why they’re practically perfect for people with an active lifestyle.

They will bring so much joy and happiness into everyone’s life as long as you know how to maintain them. As this isn’t an ordinary dog – it takes more than ordinary methods to properly care for it!


Tsygankova, E. and Pet’ko, L. (2021). The Akita Inu: Japanese National Heritage. Science, theory and practice: abstracts of the XXIX International Scientific and Practical Conference. Tokio.