Shocked Rescuers Find Puppy Living In Plastic Bags And Struggling To Survive


For stray pups, every day they spend on the streets is a struggle to survive. Hungry and lonely, they tirelessly search for scraps of food. 

They would give anything to have a real home. They long for human parents who would give them the love they always wished to have.

A little brown puppy who lived in a garbage dump knows exactly how it feels to live without love. Like all other stray dogs, he had nobody to rely on, and he fought to survive day after day.

Sadly, the adorable little fur baby spent his days sifting through the garbage dump. He was trying to find morsels of food. After he didn’t find any food, he started eating garbage bags. 

A Rescuer Comes Across The Little Puppy

puppy eating from garbage
Source: THE Barber Rescues Stray Dogs

Fortunately, a rescuer happened to be passing by that road. He found the little boi who lived in the garbage dump. His heart sank when he realized that the adorable puppy was so hungry that he ate plastic bags.

The kind rescuer lifted him up and took him in his arms. The sweet fur baby was looking at him with eyes filled with sadness. He longed to have a loving home and humans who would shower him with love.

The puppy was frightened and couldn’t stop shaking. The Good Samaritan who found him didn’t know his backstory. He wondered how long the puppy had lived on a rubbish heap. 

He Takes The Sweet Canine Home 

photo of four puppies
Source: THE Barber Rescues Stray Dogs

The rescuer took him home. He hoped that the pup would relax after he spent time with his other rescue dogs.

Since the puppy was infested with worms, his rescuer dewormed him. Shortly afterward, the wonderful canine stopped trembling. He was no longer afraid.

The other rescue dogs welcomed him and they all snuggled up to each other. The pup felt safe and cared for.

He became playful and happy. His once sad eyes were now radiating with joy.

The Love He Searched For

puppy walking in grass
Source: THE Barber Rescues Stray Dogs

It didn’t take long for the delightful puppy to find a forever family. 

His caregiver took him to his new home, and his family fell in love with him the moment they saw him. They stroked him and the puppy felt overjoyed. He finally had the loving home he always wanted.

puppy in owner's lap
Source: THE Barber Rescues Stray Dogs

The puppy couldn’t contain his happiness. While his family was working in the orchard, the wonderful fur baby enjoyed exploring the surroundings. His tail wagged as he was running around and enjoying the beautiful nature.

The rescuer said goodbye to the little boi, wishing him all the happiness in this world. The pup licked his hand as if he wanted to thank him for saving his life.  

We’re grateful to the puppy’s rescuer and to all other good humans who rescue stray canines and help them find the home they deserve.