Rescuers Shocked To Find A Pitbull Tied To A Fence In A Distant Location


Dog abuse isn’t really a new thing, but it constantly and repeatedly keeps breaking our hearts.

Maya isn’t just the exhibit of abuse, though. She represents all the underdogs that have ever experienced neglect, abandonment, or mistreatment in their lives. She’s a symbol of resilience and a sad testament to what irresponsible humans can do.

Fortunately, Maya’s heartbreaking story didn’t end there, in the middle of nowhere. Quite the opposite – it just began!

Maya’s Backstory

dog lying in the wood
Source: The Dodo

A woman named April spotted Maya on the day of her abandonment. She saw her owner tying her up to a fence on a desolate street and then leaving – for good. Once she realized he wasn’t coming back, April contacted Underdog Heroes, California.

“Sweet girl Maya was overbred, abused, neglected, and discarded like trash, chained up in over 100 degree weather without food or water in the middle of nowhere,” UH wrote on Facebook.

April couldn’t understand why someone would do such a cruel thing to an innocent animal.

“She was just looking at me with these really sad eyes. I couldn’t understand why the owner had just left her there,” April told The Dodo.

dog standing with his rekvizits
Source: @thetomjao

She agreed to stay with Maya as long as possible until she was finally picked up by the kind-hearted volunteers of this Californian rescue.

At first, Maya was extremely scared and insecure. Her body was infested with scabies and fleas, and she was still lactating, which made her story even more devastating. She underwent several surgeries and had her very own trainer who taught her basic manners.

When she was finally ready – Maya went to her new foster home.

“She spent some time with our trainer, and after several months, we were finally able to find her the most amazing foster family who soon decided they could not let her go and she is now home forever,” the rescue wrote.

couple kissing their dog
Source: Claire Chen

Claire and Tom couldn’t be happier to take this lovely girl in.

Even though she was still quite shy and insecure due to her past, Maya adapted to her new environment amazingly!

The Sweetest Foster Fail

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Source: @thetomjao

It didn’t take long for Tom and Claire to realize that they couldn’t imagine their lives without Maya. She acclimated to her new family as if she had always been a part of it.

That’s why this couple decided to keep their foster sweetie for good

“The plan was just to foster her and we fell in love with her, and we couldn’t let her go. Having Maya now has completed our family and we plan a lot of trips around her,” Tom and Claire told The Dodo.

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Today, this fabulous trio embarks upon many exciting adventures together. She just loves playing games with her beloved owners in an open yard, but Maya’s also an explorer. She loves to go hiking and plan lots of amazing trips with her owners.

One of them was her very own glamping trip!

We love to go hiking and we love to go on adventures,” they said.

dog enjoying th rays of sun
Source: @thetomjao

Maya’s first glamping experience was incredible. She even got her very own jacket to protect her from the cold. 

As soon as she got into a cabin, she started to explore and was very excited. She just loved the big window and the amazing view, but most of all – she was happy to be there with her new pawrents.

After all the neglect and abuse in her past, Maya is finally where she was always supposed to be – in a loving home surrounded by the people who truly love her.

Have a great life, Maya!