Surprised Owners Hear Mysterious Noise In The Fireplace And Discover What It Is


Although we can hear crackling sounds from the fireplace when the fire is burning, it is not very often that there is any sound coming from it when there is no fire. 

However, one pair of homeowners heard just that – a strange noise coming from the fireplace when there was no fire in it. Although these two people were initially shocked, they did not want to panic, but slowly approached the place and took a look inside. 

When they put their heads in there, they were greeted by a surprising visitor. 

Just A Baby

lizard peeking from the dark
Source: WIRES

According to the Facebook post written by WIRES Wildlife Rescue, these people were shocked when they found a lizard in the upper section

To make matters worse, it was a young goanna or lace monitor. According to A-Z Animals, these creatures can grow up to six feet long, which can be a big problem. 

Fortunately, this goanna didn’t seem to be anywhere near that big. Still, the pair decided to call someone more professional to assess it themselves and solve this problem. 

When WIRES Wildlife Rescue got a call from the homeowners, one of their best volunteers, Inga, was at the place in no time, ready for action. 

woman lightening fireplace
Source: WIRES

As soon as she came closer to the fireplace, Inga bravely reached inside and grabbed the wild animal. Everyone could breathe a sigh of relief when they saw that it was actually a baby.

“I was cautious at first, as it could have been a trapped snake,” the WIRES volunteer rescuer told The Dodo. “But the moment I realized it was a juvenile goanna, I knew it was safe to put my hand in to contain it. I felt sorry for the youngster, as it would have been struggling to find a way out and probably hungry and dehydrated.”

hand with glove holding lizard
Source: WIRES

As lace monitors are great climbers, this one probably climbed up on the house, but curiosity led him down the chimney where he got stuck in the upper section of the wall. 

Fortunately, thanks to this great woman, he was finally safe. 

Back Where He Belongs

To Inga’s delight, the lizard was perfectly healthy, so there was no need for serious recovery. 

She quickly moved him into the carrier and transferred him to the WIRES premises. After several days of assessment and extra hydration, this baby lizard was ready for a new beginning

They released him and he was back where he belonged – into his natural habitat. He was finally free to grow and thrive, just as every animal deserves.