Woman Discovers The Most Unexpected Surprise On The Road And Decides To Investigate


Encountering stray dogs on the streets is not a rare thing. In fact, we can all probably name an instance when we run into one during the day.

However, how often have any of us helped or seen somebody helping them in any way? A simple gesture like giving food is sometimes enough.

It doesn’t take a miracle to do this, but it happens less than people assume. We all have to collectively do more to help out the animals who need our help.

In this story, we will talk about a kind rescuer who stumbled upon two stray puppies and decided to help them.

The Cutest Roadblock

three dogs on the road
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When a rescuer from Luck’s Rescue, in Georgia, was driving down the road, she just happened to drive by a pack of stray dogs.

She noticed that there were two puppies who were kind of scared of her but wanted help regardless. They were feral and not used to human contact.

So, they approached her with caution. Because they weren’t sure what their rescuer’s intention was, they tried barking at her, even though they were moving in her direction.

When they got close, it was like a switch turned on in them and they were now calm and collected. This was a great opportunity for her to grab them.

two dogs eating from one cup
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She took them into her vehicle and gave them some food to eat. They had been starving for so long that it was just depressing to see them like that.

However, things were going to change for the better. They were now on their way to a clinic in Georgia where they would receive the care they deserved.

They were given dewormers and shots immediately. Later on, after a nice and warm bath, the rescuer made sure that they got rid of all the ticks on them.

After this, both dogs, now named Fido and Finley, were taken into a foster home where they will soon be available for adoption.

Mission Was Not Over Yet

three dogs on the road
Source: @rescue_with_me_

Their story has a happy ending. However, this kind rescuer was not yet done with the mission. There were still other dogs in that area, and she had to come back for them.

She tried before to catch them, but was unsuccessful. The woman noted that somebody had been feeding them before, so she went out to find that person.

After she did, she asked politely for assistance with taking the dogs in and on how to take care of the medical bills. They weren’t going to take care of them.

Now was the time to take them all in. The woman placed several feeding stations to get their attention and it worked surprisingly well.

dog and food
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It managed to get their attention, but they were still frightened. Fido and Finley’s mom was also there, but unfortunately, she was blind and could not move very well.

Everything was going to change soon for these dogs, as they were going to get the care that they needed and their rescuer would make sure they found a good foster home.

Unfortunately, we don’t know what happens next, but we have good reason to believe that everything is being done to help them find a new life with somebody who will care for them.

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