Rescuers In Shock After Finding A Severely Ill Pup Completely Covered In Scales


A worried resident noticed something strange outside his house. It looked like a puppy who was severely sick.

He felt really bad for him, so he contacted his local rescue organization to see if they could help him in any way.

It became quickly clear that he would not have survived much longer if somebody didn’t help him.

In this story, we will talk about how these amazing rescuers came to this puppy’s aid and helped him make an amazing recovery.

A Fast Rescue

injured white puppy
Source: Rescue Mission HT

After the call, the rescuers immediately got into their car and hurried to find the location where the puppy was sighted.

They managed to find him pretty quickly. It was a huge surprise to see him wandering around the people and trying to get their attention.

It was clear that he was not afraid of them, but nobody wanted to help him. His rescuers were shocked by the state he was in.

I just can’t believe that it took this long for somebody to react and call to help this poor puppy when he clearly needed it.

The puppy was severely malnourished and his skin was scaly, likely due to dermatitis. He would need a long treatment to recover from this.

white puppy eating in a box
Source: Rescue Mission HT

They had given him some food and then placed him in a small kennel. He was then taken to their home so he could finally get the help he so desperately needed.

Once there, they made a small makeshift home for him where he could rest and recuperate. The rescuers also got him some medicine for his condition so his fur could grow back.

During his stay there, he also had a friend with whom he spent a lot of time. They both had similar skin infections, so they were treated together.

The puppies were bathed so they could get rid of all the dirt and bacteria. Now that they were finally clean, their rescuers also made sure that they were spending enough time outside.

They were really hyperactive and loved playing as much as they could. It was just adorable to see how happy he was when he was staying with his rescuers.

Everything Changed For The Puppy

two dogs in boxes
Source: Rescue Mission HT

After some time had passed, the puppy and his friend had made some impressive progress in their recovery, and their rescuers were now sure that everything was going to be okay.

Three weeks later, the change became really visible and they were starting to look just like normal puppies. 

They still continued playing outside, and their rescuers enjoyed spending time with them in the big backyard of the house.

The two puppies would also sometimes climb out of their residence just to hang out and relax. They did this often, and it was absolutely hilarious.

puppy and pills
Source: Rescue Mission HT

After about two months, everything changed. The puppies were now both of normal weight, and their fur had grown back completely.

The puppy was now very adorable and the rescuers had decided to place him on an adoption list so he could find a new home.

After a while, a nice family came by and decided to adopt him. Everything was going to change for him after this. 

Even though he won’t be able to see his friend anymore, he is happy that he got a chance to live his life. I wish them all the best.