Dog Taken To A Vet To Be Euthanized Now Has The Most Perfect Family


Every pup is deserving of infinite love and affection. We shower our dogs with love and take delight in seeing their happy faces and wagging tails every morning. They know how much they mean to us.

It saddens me to hear about the sweet canines who are deprived of the love and happiness they deserve. Their cruel owners betray them and abuse them without feeling any empathy towards the innocent animals.

Moira is one of the pups who was betrayed by the person she considered her dad. Instead of making her the happiest canine in the world, her owner mistreated her and used her for hunting. The adorable pooch got sick. 

Her owner committed the ultimate act of betrayal by bringing her to the vet and asking him to put Moira down.

Feeling deeply sad and terrified, Moira was looking around as if she was trying to catch a glimpse of a friendly face. The lovely dog needed a hero who would save her and show her that life can be beautiful.

The Pup Meets Her Hero

dog at vet office
Source: The Dodo

Luckily, the hero she was hoping to find was right there. A kind-hearted rescuer happened to be at the vet when the scared pooch was brought in.

He was absolutely heartbroken after he saw her incredibly sad eyes and the terrible state she was in. She looked very sick and neglected. 

When the rescuer found out that the owner wanted his dog to be put down, he offered to take her home. He wished to bring a smile to the doggo’s face and help her get better.

The rescuer took her home and named her Moira.

Apart from being a rescuer, Moira’s hero was a founder of a shelter. He saw many dogs who felt exactly like she did. He knew that the road to recovery would be long. 

scared dog
Source: The Dodo

In the beginning, Moira felt very frightened. She kept curling up in corners and hiding her face. She was afraid of all humans and she tried to avoid any contact with them. She wasn’t used to human kindness. 

When her dad tried to take her for a walk, she ran and hid under a car. She didn’t feel safe. 

Her dad understood her fears and was convinced that his love and patience would help her heal. He continued showering her with kindness and sweet, reassuring words. He watched over her day and night.

The Happiest Chapter Of Her Life

dog standing outdoor
Source: The Dodo

Moira’s dad followed the vet’s instructions and started with her therapy. Gradually, the pooch began feeling better.

She noticed how much her dad cared for her. After some time, Moira let him cuddle her for the first time. After he stroked her, the doggo’s eyes lit up. She felt cherished and loved. 

Moira began going on walks and enjoying being outdoors. Her fears disappeared and she started smiling all the time. 

Her dad felt happy, too. His beloved pup turned into the prettiest and happiest princess.

happy dog with man
Source: The Dodo

When Moira’s previous owner saw that Moira was looking healthy and happy, he wanted her back.

Moira’s new dad knew that this man would mistreat Moira again and lock her in a cage. Moira’s hero would never let that happen. He had the perfect response to her heartless former owner.

“No, I will not give you back Moira. Moira is mine. Moira, now she’s running up and down happy.”

Moira returned home with her loving dad. The delightful pup enjoys going on hikes with her dad and her furry siblings. She has the life of her dreams that she has always deserved.