Loyal Dog Does The Sweetest Thing As A Way Of Saying Forever Goodbye To His Beloved Buddy


Our furry companions have many amazing traits, but their ability to sense even the slightest things beyond human comprehension might be the most powerful one. 

They can detect the shifts in scent, behavior, and even subtle health changes of those closest ones to them. Their intuition knows no bounds. 

Charlie and Foxy, the two canine best friends from California, are real examples of that. Their unbreakable bond and heart-wrenching intuition will leave you reaching for the tissues. 

Charlie And Foxy’s Last Night Together 

Foxy, a Pomchi mix, who recently turned fourteen years old, sadly was battling some health issues. 

According to her owner, Shirley Bovshow, the little pup had some gastro problems and bloody stools, but was doing much better, and she expected her to fully recover. 

However, it seems that Charlie, an eight-year-old Puggle, had sensed some things no one could predict. 

black dog and brown dog laying together
Source: Shirley Bovshow

The night before Foxy would get very sick and eventually pass away, Charlie decided to do one thing no one expected. 

Sweet little Charlie came into the room and lay next to Foxy in her bed, which he never did before in his entire life!

“Charlie surprised me when he wiggled his way into Foxy’s cot! He licked her face as he got in and snuggled up next to her, which warmed my heart,” Shirley told Newsweek. 

Moved by this sweet interaction, Shirley decided to film it, not knowing that it would be their last night together. 

“I had no idea that this would be our last night with Foxy. In hindsight, I believe that Charlie understood the gravity of her illness. They had a strong bond and often communicated each other’s needs to one another,” Shirley said.

Charlie has always been very intuitive, and he must have sensed that something was wrong with his best friend, so he decided to stay close to her. 

It was his own way of saying one last goodbye. 

The next morning, Shirley brought Foxy to the clinic for her ongoing medical care, but shortly after arriving, Foxy suffered a very bad seizure, and there was nothing the vets could do to help her. 

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Dealing With Grief 

Both Shirley and Charlie have been heartbroken over losing their precious Foxy. 

“I am doing better little by little and feel spiritually connected to Foxy,” Shirley said. 

Losing his best friend of many years was equally difficult for Charlie, who was evidently shaken by the loss, according to Shirley. “He started sleeping in Foxy’s cot, the same cot that he shared with Foxy during their last night together,” she said. 

two dogs on a leash
Source: Shirley Bovshow

He is now slowly beginning to adjust and return to his old playful self. 

The heart-breaking video that Shirley posted on TikTok garnered a lot of attention. Bovshow said: “My followers knew and loved Foxy and Charlie. They responded with hundreds of touching condolence messages.”

The support Shirley received has helped her a lot during her grieving period. Coping with the loss of your beloved pet is never easy, so it’s important to give yourself time and space to heal.