Couple Spots A Dog With A Mysterious Object Dangling From Her Neck, Then Learns What It Is


When Jaina and Ivy Spagis pulled into the coffee drive-thru in San Bernardino, California, to get a treat, little did they know that they were about to change the life of a precious furry animal.

As the couple headed toward the window, a large dog appeared in front of them all of a sudden. 

The gray and white pup ran through the drive-thru with her tail tucked between her legs. She seemed frightened and lost.

After the couple took a better look at the pooch, they were surprised to notice that there was an object dangling from her neck.

It seemed like a pair of pants that were tied around the pup’s neck.  

The Frightened Pup Accepts Help

dog on a concrete road
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Being the founders of the cat rescue called Cats of San Bernardino, Spagis and her wife had experience in rescuing animals.

The couple was determined to bring the dog to safety, and they slowly approached the pup. 

They felt deeply saddened after they noticed the fear and sorrow in the dog’s eyes. 

The pooch, later named Bette Davis, seemed to be desperately searching the parking lot, hoping to find her family. 

After Bette noticed the rescuers walking toward her, she started wagging her tucked tail as she moved away from them. She wanted to trust them, but her fear was much stronger. 

As the rescuers were getting closer to Bette, they kept talking to her in a gentle voice. 

Finally, the good humans managed to close in on the pooch, and Bette sensed that they were there to help.

The moment Spagis kneeled down to caress Bette, the pooch licked her hands.

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Feeling that she could trust them, Bette rolled on her back, asking the kind rescuers for belly rubs

The pup needed reassurance and love more than ever before, and she soaked up all their cuddles.

Betty Is Off To A New Start

woman in red hoodie and white dog
Source: @catsofsanbernardino

The rescuers stroked her head and brought her to a safe area, where they treated her to a cup of whipped cream. 

While Bette was enjoying her Puppuccino, her rescuers untied the object from her neck and realized that it was a sweatshirt.

As soon as Bette drank her cup of whipped cream, she hopped into her rescuers’ car. 

The couple drove her to the vet, who scanned Bette and discovered that she had a microchip.

The rescuers called the pup’s owner. They hoped that the pooch was a loved member of her family and that she would soon reunite with them.

Sadly, that wasn’t the case. After the rescuers got in touch with the pup’s owner, they felt heartbroken.

“We were able to contact the owner today and found out that he moved away and couldn’t take her. We asked if he wanted her back, and he said, ‘No,’” Cats of San Bernardino wrote on Instagram.

The kind rescuers looked at Bette. Her loving blue eyes were full of hope and gratitude. 

Searching For A Loving Home

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The couple made her a promise that they would find her the perfect home and that she would live a life filled with love.

Since their rescue wasn’t equipped for dogs, Spagis and her wife couldn’t take Bette in. 

They found her a wonderful foster family who took great care of her for a week. 

During that time, the couple arranged a space for Bette at the facility and they were happy to take the delightful dog under their care.

Bette felt glad to reunite with her rescuers. She feels much better. Her eyes are filled with happiness, and her tail wags constantly.

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Source: @catsofsanbernardino

The wonderful California girl still hasn’t found her forever home. 

She has received a lot of applications and we’re sure that she will soon find her perfect match. Bette deserves someone who will love her with their whole heart and who will never give up on her.

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