An Adorable Rescue Pup Who Lacked Love Her Whole Life Cries When Her Mom Stops Cuddling Her


It saddens me to imagine that many dogs end up in the hands of careless and cruel people who neglect them and hurt them.

A sweet pup named Rosie longed to receive love from her owners, but sadly, all they gave her was rejection and neglect.

Rosie’s owner was a heartless backyard breeder who dumped the doggo in a park after they could no longer use her to make a profit.

Although Rosie felt sad and betrayed, she didn’t let herself give up. 

With her whole heart, she hoped that good souls would find her and bring her to safety.

Good Humans Help The Abandoned Pup

abandoned dog
Source: @lilpitrosie

When Good Samaritans found the abandoned Pittie in the park, they realized that she was in a bad state. She was malnourished and dirty. 

They immediately brought her to Agoura Animal Care Center in Los Angeles, California. 

The pup was taken to Malibu Coast Animal Hospital, where she was given an immediate medical checkup. 

Rosie’s teeth were worn down. The doggo also had skin and ear infections, so she was prescribed the necessary medication.

A wonderful woman named Tamy, who worked as a volunteer at the Agoura Animal Care Center, met Rosie. She made a decision to foster the pooch and nurse her back to health.

Finding Love In Her Foster Home 

woman holding the dog in her lap
Source: @lilpitrosie

Upon her arrival at her foster home, Rose seemed a little bit unsure. 

Tamy, her husband, and their three kids gave all their attention to the doggo, showering her with positive affirmations and affection.

Rosie began feeling safe and cared for. She started cuddling with her foster family.

Although her previous owners failed her and used her to make a profit, Rosie was nothing but pure love.

woman kissing recued dog
Source: @lilpitrosie

Whenever the pooch wanted some reassurance, she would sit next to her foster mom. It was her way of asking her for some cuddles. Rosie enjoyed feeling the loving touch of her hand. She felt adored.

The moment Tamy stopped caressing her, the doggo would start crying. Rosie didn’t want the snuggles to end.

Rosie Feels Over The Moon

group of people and rescued dog
Source: @lilpitrosie

Shortly after Tamy and her family welcomed Rosie into their home, they were captivated by her, and they decided to keep her.

Rosie felt overjoyed because she finally found her happiness.

The pup enjoyed helping her mom’s fosters. Rosie offered them the compassion and love that they needed.

Tamy adores Rosie, and she can’t imagine her life without her. She believes that they were meant to find each other.

“I needed someone to heal my heart and she needed someone to give her some assurance and to teach her that it’s okay to trust now. We’re very bonded. I always tell her how much I love her, and I tell her she can’t go anywhere. She has to be with me forever,” Tamy told GeoBeats Animals.

Although Rosie won the hearts of everyone who knew her, some people avoid meeting Rosie when they see her on the street. They don’t realize how wonderful she is.

dog sitting by a trail sign
Source: @lilpitrescue

Her mom is in awe of her pup and the love that she gives to everyone.

“She amazes me every single day… We think that her mission in life is to put a smile on everybody and to spread love ‘cause that’s all she has,” Tamy added.

Rosie lives her dream life in California. She enjoys basking in the sun and going on walks at her own pace. She sometimes shares adorable photos and videos on her Instagram account. 

Rosie’s story is a story of resilience and forgiveness. Despite being hurt by her previous owners, the doggo succeeded in putting her past behind and opening her heart to love.