Terrified Mama Couldn’t Hide The Fear In Her Eyes While Trying To Keep Her Remaining Baby Alive


No matter what your species is, becoming a mom is supposed to be the most beautiful moment of your life.

You are not only beginning a new chapter of your life, but you are also bringing a new life into the world.

Unfortunately, when one furry mama gave birth to her pups, she was living a life best left forgotten.

Unfortunate Circumstances

scared black dog
Source: The Moho

Going into labor was anything but beautiful to one mama pup.

As if it wasn’t hard enough for her to live on the streets while pregnant, she was chased up and down the street by animal control, shoved into a cage, and luckily brought to a caring hooman who took her in.

Ultimately, this brave mama gave birth to nine absolutely adorable pups, but her tragedy didn’t stop.

scared black dog and puppy
Source: The Moho

Because she was so terrified, hungry, and confused, she didn’t know how to care for her puppies, so they started passing away.

In the end, only one puppy survived. He was a brown, adorable pup with a huge will to live!

adorable white newborn puppy
Source: The Moho

Her new hooman decided to do everything she could to ensure that she and her baby had everything they needed in order to live a carefree life.

Naming her Lady, and her baby Freya, the hooman allowed them to start a new chapter in their lives.

It Gets Better

After some time passed, Lady realized that she was finally safe and that her new hooman only wanted to help her. This allowed her to relax a bit and focus on raising her baby.

two adult and cute dogs
Source: The Moho

Days passed in a flash, and Fraya grew up into a beautiful girl who loved life, and Lady, as well as their hooman, couldn’t be prouder.

 Nine months after they were rescued, both the mother and the daughter were adopted into loving homes!

brown dog laying down
Source: The Moho

They are finally able to live the lives they deserve in a warm and cozy house surrounded by hoomans who love and adore everything about them.

And, they are loving it!

Lady’s rescuer was unsure if she would ever find a forever home because of how fearful she was, so seeing her find her place in the world brought tears to her face.

Final Word

It fills my heart with great joy when I see an incredible rescue story like this one.

But, I also can’t help thinking how many more pups are living on the cold and harsh streets every day.

According to The Wildest, there are 5.9 million dogs living on the streets of the USA, and even though animal rescuers are doing their best to lower these numbers, they desperately need our help.

Whether through volunteering or donating, we can not only ease their job but also help a furry friend in need – and that sounds like an incredible deal to me!

So, contact your local shelter and ask them what you can do to make this world a better place!