Owner Gives Up His Dog For Only $15 After Refusing To Take Him Inside His Home


One day, a concerned citizen contacted an animal rescuer about a distressed puppy suffering from neglect and abuse.

The caller stated that her neighbor, the owner of the puppy, kept him outside and refused to let him into the house, no matter the weather.

As soon as they got the address, the rescuer wasted no time and made their way down to the owner’s house, demanding that they let the poor guy inside.

However, the owner cruelly refused, showing no concern for the puppy’s wellbeing and suggesting that if the rescuer cared so much, they should purchase the puppy and take him away.

Without hesitating, the rescuer agreed and, for a mere $15, had the pup in their loving arms.

Finally Safe

poor abandoned dog laying alone
Source: Youtube

The puppy was in terrible condition.

He was covered in dirt and was so malnourished that his bones were poking through his thin, wounded skin.

The rescuer immediately gave him a bath and, the next day, took him to the vet so that he could get all the necessary shots and medication.

woman bathing skinny dog
Source: Youtube

Road To Recovery

It was obvious that the puppy had never been around other dogs and would become very aggressive whenever their paths crossed. It was also very clear that he was never properly trained.

Luckily, he was in very good hands, and all of this was soon going to change.

The puppy, now named Kochi, had no issues adapting to his new environment. It was as if he knew that these hoomans would help him transform into the cutest, sweetest pup ever.

woman carresing dog
Source: Youtube

Since Kochi had a lot of skin issues, his rescuer had to be really careful and put medication on them every single day.

Over time, he gained some healthy weight and even started playing with other pups! That is when he met his new best friend, who helped him in his recovery journey.

dog with yellow sweater
Source: Youtube

It only took Kochi one week to show incredible progress. His fur started to grow back, and he always had a smile on his face.

Even though he still has a long way to go, I am sure that he will make a full recovery and that he will find loving hoomans that will show him what it feels like to be a part of a loving family!

strange look at veterinarian
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Stop Dog Cruelty

What happened to Kochi is absolutely unacceptable.

Unfortunately, people keep forgetting that doggos have emotions, too, and that treating them so cruelly can have serious consequences.

Pups aren’t just pets – they are cherished members of our society who trust us to care, love, and protect them.  

However, when we betray them, it not only causes physical harm but also emotional harm. So please, stand up against any form of cruelty or neglect because only then can we truly create a world where all beings, both human and animal, can live happily and free.