Hard-Working Dogs Deserve Some R&R Too


GSDs are always represented as some of the most diligent and hard-working dog breeds out there, but that doesn’t mean they don’t like a good bit of relaxation every now and then.

That’s what TikTokker mohamedboutaleb35’s German Shepherd is here to show us this time around.

“You Gonna Stare At Me All Day Or Are You Coming In Too?”

Mohamed’s GSD chilling with a pool noodle
Source: TikTok

Mohamed finds his dog out in the shallow end of the pool, sitting down like a human would, back reclined against the wall and front paws just lazily resting on a pool noodle.

Not gonna lie, the dog knows how to find a chill pose, I envy him.

The best part is that the GSD is just looking back at Mohamed like this is perfectly normal behavior.

He even acts confused as to why he finds this fascinating when he too could be enjoying the lovely water alongside him.

German shepherd relaxing in pool
Source: TikTok

My dude is just out there, enjoying life, trying to suss out his owner’s behavior and intent.

However, at some point he decides it’s none of his concern, he’s here to relax so he focuses on doing exactly that.

His attention completely evaporates and he simply reclines back further as if to show just how comfy the experience is for him.

GSD chilling with a pool noodle
Source: TikTok

Even the dog knows that all work and no play makes him a dull boy, so he manages to make time for both to secure a healthy work-life balance.

If anything, this funny and adorable scene is an indicator that, if possible, you should take your pooch along with you on vacations where they’re allowed.

Who knows what absolutely hilarious and odd thing you’ll find your own pooch getting up to when he doesn’t have to worry about guarding the home.


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