Senior Pit Bull Overlooked In A Shelter For 11 Long Years Goes To A Beautiful Home


Luck, as they say, is a relative thing! 

For some dogs, it takes only a few days or a few weeks to find their furever home, even if it means traveling thousands of miles to get there. But, for others – it takes years!

The most heartbreaking story comes from New Orleans, Louisiana, where Vanessa, a senior Pit Bull girl, has been “overlooked” in a shelter for 11 straight years. 

Even though there wasn’t a justifiable reason for this pretty girl not to be adopted, nobody seemed to want her… until her LUCKY day finally arrived!

Vanessa Was Surrendered When She Was Only A Puppy

black dog outdoor
Source: Villalobos Rescue Center 

It was August 2012 when this lovely girl was surrendered to Villalobos Rescue Center, in New Orleans, Louisiana, by her family. She was just a little puppy back then, and there was no reason for her to experience abandonment whatsoever – but it happened!

Her parents simply decided not to have her anymore, so they drove her one day to the facility and left her there.

“She was unwanted and minutes away from dying in the back of a sweltering hot box in a truck,” VRC wrote in their Facebook post.

dog on the porch
Source: Villalobos Rescue Center 

Since then, many adopters have come and gone, but Vanessa never got a second chance!

“Vanessa is one of those that slipped through the cracks,” the VRC team says.

Months passed… and then years, and still – nothing happened! Once a beautiful, perky doggo girl, Vanessa’s now an 11-year-old senior. But, even today, she has never lost her spark nor have her pawdorable eyes ever stopped shining like they used to when she was a puppy!

“Perfect In The House, Crate Trained, Sociable”

Close-up of a brown and white dog's head looking at the camera with fence behind it
Source: Villalobos Rescue Center 

Despite the fact that she has been in a shelter her whole life, Vanessa has been described as the pawfect girl! She currently lives outside the shelter in one of the satellite locations with other senior dogs – and she loves it!

Other than that, she’s known for her calm nature and for being well-trained.

“She is perfectly crate trained… she is quiet. She is just that amazing,” the VRC team wrote in Vanessa’s profile.

young girl in yellow shirt posing with dog and petting him
Source: Villalobos Rescue Center 

Vanessa loves spending time with people! Every now and then, a group of volunteers come to the shelter to spend some time with the dogs, and Vanessa really seems to enjoy it! Aside from her regular caretakers, she’s just a sweetheart to everyone!

two dogs sitting together outside and smiling
Source: Villalobos Rescue Center 

And, boy does she love doggo company! Sure, she’s a bit old for endless games and frolicking in dog parks, but she still loves spending time with a group of fellow doggos. She has always been a good girl!

Still, her favorite time of the day is probably spent lying in a cozy doggo bed inside the house. Between outside adventures and a cozy, inside afternoon – she would always choose the latter!

Experiencing The “Furever Home” Concept After 11 Years

dog with his tongue out lying on a dog bed
Source: Villalobos Rescue Center 

Just when it seemed that this pawdorable Pittie girl would spend the rest of her life in a shelter, an owner appeared! 

After re-posting about Vanessa this July on their official Facebook page, the VRC team revealed that this wonderful girl has been adopted by one of their former adopters.

After all this time, a giant-hearted man with a lot of experience in this area finally showed up – and Vanessa couldn’t be happier!

She finally found what she has been looking for since that hot, August day 11 years ago – a warm home and a loving family who will know how to appreciate her for who she is. And, she’s just the most pawfect girl!