Dog Steals State Trooper’s Heart On Their Way To A Shelter


For centuries, humans and dogs have formed a strong and unbreakable bond. They proved their loyalty to one another time after time, and they became the best of friends.

The strength of their friendship is not measured by the amount of time they spend together. 

Our next story, about an abandoned dog, Rosie, is a testament to that. The bond that she formed with her mom was instant and so strong that it changed their lives.

Here is their story.

A Furry Passenger

state trooper and a dog sitting in a car
Source: Michigan State Police

In mid-July, in 2023, after Kayla Moore, a state trooper, responded to a call about abandoned dogs in Antrim County, Michigan, she was headed there to pick them up. 

When she arrived there, she noticed a black dog. She immediately stopped, took the dog, and carried her to her cruiser.

Her furry passenger sat comfortably in the back seat of the car, and the two of them were off to Antrim County Animal Control, in Bellaire, Michigan.

During the ride, the dog felt compelled to be closer to the kind and gentle human who wanted to help her , so she moved to the front seat. By the time they reached the shelter, the adorable pooch sitting next to Moore stole her heart.

A Perfect Match

trooper petting the dog at the shelter
Source: Michigan State Police

“While she was taking the dog to the shelter, something special happened. They formed a bond,” Michigan State Police wrote on Twitter.

When Moore was about to leave the dog at the shelter, she realized she couldn’t do it. She felt too attached to the dog and she decided to adopt her.

She filled out the adoption application and she went home with her pooch whom she later named Rosie. “Trooper Moore and the dog seemed to be a perfect match,” Michigan State Police wrote in a tweet. 

Rosie found her loving human, and Trooper Moore gained a loyal friend and family member.

There is no doubt that day was the happiest day of Rosie’s life. Her whole life changed. That July morning, she was an abandoned dog wandering the streets, and a few hours later, she was on her way to her forever home.

photo of dog Rosie and trooper Moore
Source: Michigan State Police

We are happy for Rosie and her mom, and we hope that all abandoned dogs find the happiness and home they are searching for. They all deserve it.