This Emotional Letter From An Angel “Helper” Will Bring Tears To Your Eyes


Losing a pet can be just as hard as losing a family member. It’s even worse when your vet tells you that you are the one who has to make that choice of ending your pet’s life.

Unfortunately, in some cases, these things are inevitable, and although it’s extremely difficult to say “Yes, I agree to euthanasia”, it’s just the right thing to do.

From my experience, support from family and friends is great, but it doesn’t take the pain away. However, a letter from “an angel from dog heaven” can definitely ease the grieving process, as one family shared on the Internet.

cloud in the shape of a dog's paw, representing dog's death
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An Angel From Dog Heaven

When Sunny, an 18-year-old furry member of E_Cash’s (Reddit username) family, got sick, there wasn’t much that could be done for him. Although it was hard, the family decided to put down their pooch and end his suffering.

They were heartbroken, but at least they knew that Sunny was in a better place, where he feels no pain.

However, what they didn’t expect was a letter from an angel “Helper” who wrote to the family about Sunny, his days in heaven, and what Sunny would like his family to know. 

Sunny’s owner decided to share the letter on Reddit, as it might help some other dog owners get through their loss more easily:

Hello. My name is Helper. I am an angel. There are a lot of angels in Heaven and we all have different jobs. My job is to write to people and let them know that their pets have arrived in Heaven.

The letter then continues:

You will be happy to know that Sunny arrived recently and is doing just swell. […] Sunny misses you and hopes that you understand he had to come here.

photo of the letter written by Sunny's Angel
Source: Reddit

These words provide more comfort than anything anyone could say. Knowing that everything will be just fine, and imagining a furry buddy living a life without pain and discomfort is crucial for every responsible dog owner.

The Hardest Part Is To Say Goodbye

Considering that Sunny’s owner was left speechless by the letter they received, it’s hard to even imagine what it felt like to say goodbye to their furry friend.

This letter meant the world to them, but it also encouraged other dog owners to share their experiences and emotions regarding euthanasia of their beloved furry buddies.

An unknown user, who is a veterinarian, shared a heart-wrenching story of putting down a senior pooch and the owner’s reaction.

According to her story, an older woman brought her senior doggo with a friend. They could barely speak without sobbing, and the vet let her have the final moment alone with her pooch:

We gave them time alone afterwards with him, and after 10 minutes, they exited the room and closed the door quietly behind them. I went in to prepare her pet for the next step, and the dog was covered in beautiful, handpicked field flower bouquets.

cloud in the shape of a dog
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The vet was so moved by the widow’s gesture that they decided to pick a few flowers every time they had to put down a pup.

This just proves that veterinarians do understand how dog owners feel, and they also go through difficult times with each euthanasia they have to perform.

It, indeed, is hard to say goodbye, but as the “Helper” has put it:

Sunny is not ever going to be lonely. Some day, when he sees you again, it will be like you were never apart. Again, don’t feel sad. Sunny is just fine. He is happy and he sends his love to you.

This letter might be about Sunny, but I’m sure all of us who had to put down our pups at one point can relate to it.