Dog Keeps Appearing At School Every Day, And A Teacher Decided To Help Him


One thing that is common for dogs who are lost or living on the street is that many of them will always politely ask for help from humans.

In fact, almost all dogs will be hesitant to approach humans too closely. Instead, they will just wait and hope that someone will give them attention.

In this story, we will talk about a dog who spent his days in front of a school, waiting for someone to rescue him from his life.

A Sweet Everyday Welcome

dog sitting in front of the door
Source: Caleb Schaffer via The Dodo

Just as he was coming to work, Caleb Schaffer, a teacher in an elementary school in Houston, Texas, saw a dog at the entrance and was confused as to what he was doing there. 

The dog seemed curious to see the man, and was wagging his tail constantly. Schaffer, however, didn’t have much time and had to start teaching, so he left him there.

He said in an interview to The Dodo: He was sitting right outside the main door, and his tail started thumping when he saw me.

He spent a lot of time thinking about helping the poor dog, so after class, he went outside to see if he was still there.

To his surprise, the dog was nowhere to be seen. Apparently, local animal shelter staff had tried to catch him and spooked him.

However, he was already back at the school entrance the next morning, and the same scenario repeated itself again.

This time, Schaffer noticed just how horrible the dog’s skin was and how skinny he was, so he decided to help him the next time he came to school.

Third Time’s A Charm 

black dog outdoor standing
Source: Facebook

The third day had finally arrived and the same scenario was already in motion. Schaffer decided he wasn’t going to let him go this time, so he took the dog to his car and back to his house, and asked his wife to keep him company until he came home from work.

After he was done with school, Schaffer figured that he could somehow help the dog by calling the rescue organizations in Texas, but all of them were overcrowded.

So, he did the next best thing. He took the dog to his local animal shelter where he would receive medical help and a bath.

Schaffer said: I figured some basic vet care at the shelter was better than nothing. He was really suffering.

The dog, now named Clive, had his story shared on Facebook and it caught the attention of Lucky Lab Rescue and Adoption, who quickly found foster care for him.

sweet black dog sitting in the yard
Source: Facebook

Some time has passed since this event, but Schaffer still likes talking about this story with his students and reminding them about the need to help stray animals.

He said: There are so many strays everywhere here. It’s given me an opportunity to talk about spaying, neutering, heartworm prevention, and the reality of shelters.

A lot of time has passed since Clive was taken into foster care, and it’s unclear if he was adopted, but one thing is certain, and it’s that he is a well-mannered and happy dog who deserves all the love in the world.