Howling Doggo Gets Stunned Silent At The Reunion With His Owner


Goose is a purebred Blue Tick Hound that possesses a distinctive appearance and an even more distinctive bark that resembles that of a howl.

The director of Adopt-An-ANGEL Animal Shelter in Wilmington, North Carolina, Jill Jones, said that Goose’s barks, or better said, his unique honking cries, often coincide with his feelings. 

“He screams when he feels anxious and abandoned. If he’s quiet, it’s because he’s happy.

But, that’s not the only distinctive thing about Goose. Sadly, he has endured numerous upheavals in his life, leaving him homeless on three separate occasions.

Goose Found Refuge At A Shelter On Three Separate Occasions

goose the dog
Source: Adopt-An-ANGEL

Goose first arrived at the North Carolina shelter as an injured puppy. 

Tragically, his own mother bit off his ear during feeding time when he was still a small pup. This rather unusual accident left him with a unique appearance. 

In his adoption ad, the shelter addressed the situation behind his appearance, and said, “So, I have a real unique look to me, don’t you think?”

Goose was eventually adopted by a family as a puppy; however, things didn’t go as planned. 

Second Time At The Rescue 

dog sitting on the carpet and looking into camera
Source: Adopt-An-ANGEL

Unfortunately, the family that adopted Goose as a puppy had to give him up after the birth of their baby. 

It was devastating for both Goose and the family. They loved him so much, but when Goose grew up, he started having some tussles with the other dog. 

Their baby was born with a rare skin disorder, and they couldn’t let Goose hurt it, even by accident because it would be life-threatening. 

“I was loved, and my family was devastated to give me up,” the shelter said. 

So, once again, Goose found himself back at the shelter – this time as a 1 and ½ year-old-dog. 

beautiful dog on a leash
Source: Adopt-An-ANGEL

It was then when the shelter noticed how Goose howls and cries after being abandoned by the people he loved. 

“He’s got a hound bark that could seriously win contests,” said Jones, the director of the shelter.  

Shortly after, Goose was adopted for the second time, but then, once again, luck wasn’t in his favor.

Third Time At The Rescue

blue tick hound dog looking into camera
Source: Adopt-An-ANGEL

The young couple that adopted Goose divorced after some time and Goose was once again brought back to the shelter. 

It turned out that after the pair separated, one of Goose’s parents surrendered him to the shelter without telling the other. 

“His dad moved to Florida and had no idea that Goose was here with us in North Carolina,” Jones told The Dodo. “We didn’t know that he was out there, either.”

This time around, Goose’s cries were even louder, and who could even blame him after being abandoned for the third time. 

This poor soul had suffered so much in his short life. 

Hearing Goose’s crying so much after being abandoned once again, the staff at the shelter knew they had to do something to help this poor dog. 

So, they decided to feature Goose at the upcoming adoption fair. 

Quite miraculously, one of Goose’s dad’s best friends happened to attend the adoption fair, and he recognized Goose immediately. 

As soon as he figured out that the dog was indeed Goose, he sent a picture to his best friend (Goose’s dad) who was shocked to see that his dog was back at the shelter. 

Goose’s dad was determined to get him back out of the shelter. 

An Emotional Reunion With His Dad 

man holding dog on a leash after reunion
Source: Adopt-An-ANGEL

Less than four days after all this happened, Goose’s dad drove all the way from Florida to North Carolina to get his lost dog. 

Their reunion will leave you in tears. 

The shelter posted the video of their emotional reunion by saying, “Here, you see Goose, quiet and speechless as he greets his Dad! Goose, speechless without his anxious howl. Get your hankies ready!”

Goose has no longer a reason to cry, and has been happy as ever in his new home. 

Goose’s grandpa offered to adopt him permanently, as Goose’s dad couldn’t take him in himself. 

According to Jones, he has been spending days running around the yard and playing with his doggie cousins. 

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Source: Adopt-An-ANGEL