Guide Dog Leads Woman Somewhere She Didn’t Expect At All


Guide dogs, service dogs, pups with a mission… Life would be pretty rough without them, right?

Well, thank God they exist!

Molly Burke was probably thinking the same when she got her guide dog, Elton John. 

However, the visually impaired L.A. girl didn’t expect that her dog would fail one of his biggest tests so hard that it became hilarious. 

Just when she needed Elton John to find someone, he decided he wanted to show her something else, as if he was saying: Girl, priorities first, come on! 

Who did Elton John find? Was he really that far from what Molly was asking from him?

Let’s just say trips to the supermarket won’t be the same anymore.

Go Find Mom, Elton John

a smiling woman with glasses hugs a black dog
Source: The Dodo

Molly Burke is a young woman from Los Angeles, California. Despite her disability, Molly has still been able to accomplish a lot of things in life. She’s a speaker, a creator on social media, an author, an advocate, and a dog mommy to her dear Elton John. 

Even though Molly was handling her visual impairment pretty fine, she still needed help in the form of a guide dog. Enter her life: Elton John… the Labrador Bernese Mountain Dog mix, aka, the Labernese.

a black dog with a sad look
Source: The Dodo

This wasn’t Molly’s first guide dog. She had already had one that retired before Elton, so getting along with a new pup wasn’t that difficult. Molly and Elton soon found common ground and started enjoying life together. 

She expected everything from the new guide dog pup, but not to make such a hilarious mistake.

On that day, Molly, her mom, and Elton John were shopping for groceries in a local supermarket. You know how it is; mom’s always get lost when you need them. 

Since Molly was having a tough time locating her mom, she asked Elton to step in and help her. Elton John started pulling his leash in one direction, so Molly figured out he sniffed her, and she waited for their reunion.

But, when Elton stopped, Molly realized mom was nowhere to be found. He didn’t bring Molly to her, even though she asked him and he was pulling the leash. The new guide dog failed one of his first tests big time.

To make the situation hilarious, Molly found out where Elton took her. 

Where else than right to the aisle with dog toys?

@mollyburkeofficial And once again, my guide dog took the opportunity to shop for himself! LOL #GuideDog #DogsOfTikTok #ServiceDog #Shopping #Blind #BlindGirl #DogToys #Mom #ShoppingDay #ShoppingTrip #Funny #Cute ♬ original sound – Molly Burke

Molly couldn’t believe what this dog did. Elton had his mind on some new toys and he didn’t care if Molly needed him to finish a task. Toys before anything else!

“While this isn’t something he should be doing while working, no working dog is perfect, and they all make mistakes, have off days and have their specific distractions — stuffed toys is one of his,” said Molly. “I laughed, thinking it was quite cute and funny, and then reminded him that he’s working and it’s not time to pick out toys.”

Luckily, Molly’s mom found them a few moments after, sharing a good laugh. Typical Elton behavior!

Elton John is really into shopping, which is unusual because we all know how much guys hate shopping sprees. Well, this guide dog is quite special and never misses an opportunity to shop for himself. 

@mollyburkeofficial This boy sure does make me laugh sometimes! #Shop #Shopping #EltonJohn #Nordstrom #Teddy #TeddyBear #StuffedAnimal #DogsOfTikTok #GuideDog #ServiceDog ♬ original sound – Molly Burke

Seriously, never! Wherever Molly goes, Elton goes with her. And, where there are stuffed animal toys, Elton is right there giving them all a sniff and picking his favorite. Molly does give up and buy him a new toy from time to time. 

@mollyburkeofficial As per usual, my guide dog managed to guide dog to the stuffed animal section… He’s a man after my own heart! We both love a good cuddle with a stuffy! #GuideDog #Shopping #StuffedAnimals #DogsOfTikTok ♬ Beautiful – Soft boy

Imagine how their home would look if Molly bought him every single stuffed toy he asked for!

Yeah, they’d be pretty over swamped with Elton’s toys.

Pull yourself together, Elton. You gotta duty to fulfill and Molly needs you to focus.

Molly and Elton are quite popular on TikTok. This sweet girl and her guide dog share daily adventures on this social media. A lot of their videos have gone viral and people can’t wait to see Elton featured in one of the videos.

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