Lady, The Injured Street Dog, Proves Miracles Exist



It’s a big word. Some have it, some lose it pretty fast.

And yet, some end up without it, although they never asked for such a thing to happen. 

Dignity knows no size, gender, or species. It’s meant for everyone.

Even dogs.

A dog that was crippled, left to suffer on the streets, was blessed enough to get its own dignity back. 

Lady got back her dignity, as any pup should. 

This is a miraculous story that would definitely put tears in your eyes. 

She Means Hope… And Miracles

injured dog laying
Source: YouTube

When Niall, from Happy Doggo, got several phone calls about an injured street dog called Lady, he knew the situation was serious. 

People who saw Lady informed Niall that she had some sort of spinal injury, and that she wasn’t moving well at all. Even a minor injury of the spine is a big deal for a street dog.

Niall and his team rushed to the scene to pick up Lady.

They were right: Lady was in bad, bad shape.

An immediate visit to the vet proved that Lady had a dislodged hip. And, to make things even worse, one of her other hips was broken. 

The poor thing clearly suffered a lot. The streets didn’t spoil her. Lady was covered in ticks and fleas. They were sucking her energy and willingness to even move. Those terribly sad dog eyes were without any spark. 

close up view of injured dog
Source: YouTube

Something had to be done… yesterday!

When Niall took over the care of Lady, he first trimmed her coat and gave her a bath. That was the dirtiest bath water he’d ever seen. 

Surprisingly, after getting a proper wash, Lady started showing that she was feeling better. A bath does do wonders!

Niall started her on painkillers and a treatment that would stop her from being anemic. A little help from acupuncture and Lady was back on her feet.

No one believed her recovery would be so fast! The dog that couldn’t make a move without experiencing incredible amounts of pain was now zooming around. 

However, since Lady is well into her senior years, and her injuries were too old to be operated on, painkillers and treatment were the only solution. Making Lady’s life as comfortable as possible was the goal.

cute dog sitting on a straw seat
Source: YouTube

As soon as she started walking again, the joy on Lady’s face couldn’t be described. This sweet girl got a miraculous recovery and the gift of a second chance. 

Lady got back her dignity.

Little by little, she was starting to look like a normal dog. 

But, one thing was still missing: her own hooman.

When Jamie heard Lady’s story, he knew they were meant to be.

The recently-retired gentleman felt it in his heart that Lady was his dream Lady. His soulmate! 

owner holding his dog
Source: YouTube

Jamie even had to change homes because his current one did not allow any pets. He just came in and asked Niall if he could take Lady to live with him. He got a new place with a big yard and a promise in his pocket to make Lady’s life idyllic.

Hope… miracles… that’s what Lady means to Jamie. 

I’d say she means even more than that.