Amazing ‘Paw Patrol’ Saves 6 Runaway Puppies After Prison Break


There’s nothing fun about prison breaks, not for the public nor for the police; however, this furry prison break will probably be the most adorable thing you’ve ever heard of. 

Marietta, Georgia Police Department was forced to quickly form their “PAW Patrol” task force in order to capture six furry runaways that decided to make a ‘prison break’. 

Respectfully, this is probably the best and most hilarious police action ever.  

Who Let The Dogs Out? Who, Who? 

police officers holding the puppies
Source: Marietta, Georgia Police Department

In May 2022, the Marietta Police Department, in Georgia, was called into action as six puppies made a ‘prison break’ from a fenced area and got out onto Cobb Parkway.

The police officers wasted no time and quickly sprung into action. Furry or not, when residents need help, the police are there. 

According to a hilarious Facebook post by the Marietta, Georgia Police Department, “MPD’s “Puppies Aimlessly Wandering” (a.k.a. PAW) Patrol sprang into action! With officer Covino (senior puppy whisperer) leading the charge, ALL six escapees were “captured” and successfully reunited with their humans!”

police officer holding one of the runaway puppies
Source: Marietta, Georgia Police Department

It turned out that these six incredibly cute puppies are true escape artists and managed to make a prison break early on a Sunday morning without their humans realizing. 

Before the owners ever realized what had happened, the puppies were already on their way to the Big Chicken, which police believe was their target and the reason behind the prison break. 

Thanks to officer Covino and other extremely dedicated Marietta officers, all six puppies were ‘captured’ safe and sound before anything bad had happened. 

“PAW Patrol” Saved The Day 

officer holding a puppy and standing next to a police car
Source: Marietta, Georgia Police Department

“You just can’t make this stuff up! 😎😂 (okay maybe we embellished a little, but you did smile didn’t you?!)” the Marietta, Georgia Police Department wrote. 

Oh, yes, this has definitely brought a lot of smiles all over the country. 

The PAW Patrol did such an incredible job that other departments want to join in now. 

“RPD humbly requests that the PAW Patrol becomes a multi-jurisdictional task force so that we can participate 👀,” Roswell Police Department commented on the post. 

I agree with RPD – each police department in the country should have a PAW Patrol as part of their program.

officer holding two puppies
Source: Marietta, Georgia Police Department

In the end, the police department took this opportunity to also remind pet owners to ensure that their fence is “escape resistant” and that their pets always wear collars with ID tags just in case something like this ever happens.

This feel-good story quickly went viral, with people praising the officers for taking the matter seriously and saving the little pups. 

“Glad those babies are safe, and the PAW Patrol too! Thank you MPD so much! Stay safe!,” one person commented under the post. 

photo of an officer holding two runaway puppies
Source: Marietta, Georgia Police Department

Although hilarious, we are very happy that these puppies were rescued safely and brought back to their owners. 

Nothing bad happened to them, and it’s all thanks to Marietta’s PAW Patrol and their swift reaction.