Friendly Shelter Dog Steals People’s Hearts With Her Adorable Act 


If you’ve ever been at a shelter with a lot of dogs, you know that it can get a bit overwhelming seeing all those pups behind kennel bars and giving them an equal amount of attention. 

The furry folks at the shelter spend their day desperately hoping someone would notice them.

One pup at the Brooklyn ACC shelter, though, was particularly desperate for attention and had quickly found a very creative way to get people to stop at her door. 

Barbie – a stunning 6-month-old pup, beautiful inside and outside, quickly stole the hearts of each and every person that came across her. 

Barbie Stealing Hearts

dog in hands of his owner
Source: @boroughbredinbrooklyn

Stuck at the Animal Care Center (ACC) in Brooklyn, New York, a beautiful 6-month-old dog named Barbie decided that she would take matters into her paws (literally) and work hard towards finding the perfect forever home. 

Barbie was surrendered to the shelter by her previous owner, following a landlord complaint and not having enough time to take care of two puppies of the same age. 

According to the shelter, her former family described her as “friendly, affectionate, sometimes fearful, and high energy.” 

Although still very young, this smart and friendly puppy quickly figured out a way to get people to stop at her kennel and play with her. 

dog in a cage
Source: @boroughbredinbrooklyn

Barbie would adorably stretch her paws through the kennel bars, and thus, quickly get the attention of passersby who would then stop and play with her a bit. 

Brooklyn’s ACC shelter (Boroughbred in Brooklyn) posted about Barbie on their Instagram, “Barbie greets me in her kennel with her butt in the air, tippy tapping, and hoping it’s her turn to get a break from her kennel (…) She stretches her paws through the kennel bars to play pattycake, and that seals the deal.”

dog giving his hand trough cage gate
Source: @boroughbredinbrooklyn

It didn’t take long for everyone at the shelter to fall in love with Barbie. 

ACC volunteer, Manisha Shah, told The Dodo, “She loved hopping around in the yard, pouncing on balls and stuffed toys, being snuggly with us on the bench, and we loved how curious she was about everything.”

With her adorable looks and charming personality, everyone was confident that Barbie would find a forever home very fast. 

dog and man shaking hands
Source: @boroughbredinbrooklyn

She Was Adopted Fast 

Boroughbred in Brooklyn posted a little video on their Instagram page about Barbie, her story, and her unique habit of stretching her paws through the kennel bars to get the attention of people. 

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The video quickly got a lot of attention and there were many applications coming through to adopt Barbie. 

Shah told The Dodo, “She was adopted fast! One of our followers saw our post and went to the shelter and adopted her quickly!”

Barbie was adopted on 01/20/2023 into a loving home in New York City where she enjoys being spoiled, loved, and taken care of. 

dog on a pink leash in park
Source: @barbie_berry_cute

Her new parents made an official Instagram account for Barbie (@barbie_berry_cute) where they keep her followers up to date with everything she does. 

They decided to keep the name ‘Barbie’ because it seemed to fit her personality perfectly, and she responded to it the best. 

If you want to see how little Barbie celebrated her first birthday or what she’s up to, follow her Instagram page.