Mama Dog Who Finally Got Rescued Became The Best Co-pilot Ever


Zorra is a dog who has a very interesting life. When she was only nine months old, she became pregnant and had an adorable litter of seven puppies.

Living under a truck canopy with her little family in Yakima, Washington, Zorra was fighting to survive. Luckily, an incredible individual spotted her, managed to rescue her and her babies, and brought her to The Humane Society, based in Yakima.


portrait of a colorful dog sitting on a carpet and looking at the camera
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After spending some time at the shelter, and after all of her babies were adopted, it was finally time for Zorra to find a loving family of her own.

On the day that Ty and his family marked the one-year anniversary of the passing of their family dog, Zorra’s adorable face was posted online, deeming her ready for adoption.

Seeing this as a sign, Ty jumped in the car and drove to the shelter to meet her.

a dog with two different eyes stands on a rock
Source: @adventuresofzorra

As soon as she saw him, Zorra ran right up to him and jumped into Ty’s lap.

“It was like a dog greeting you after coming home and we were like ‘Oh, okay, this is not normal experience with a dog in a rescue shelter,’” said Ty.

Feeling as if he knew her before, Ty couldn’t bring himself to leave the shelter without Zorra by his side, so naturally, he adopted her.

New Life

Zorra’s new life is far from boring. Since her new parents love being outdoors and adventurous, this happy puppy had no problem adjusting to their lifestyle.

I’m a pilot and she flies with us. We made her a little headset to protect her hearing and she loves to go along in there.

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Zorra’s experience in the plane is just like any puppy’s experience in a car… well, apart from not being able to stick her head out of the window.

She loves looking out the window and admiring all the beautiful landscapes passing by.  

Apart from being a co-pilot, Zorra is also an incredibly skilled huntress. Having to fend for seven puppies at such a young age, this mama dog picked up and became incredibly patient and observant.

When we let her into the backyard, we’ll watch her just learn from a blade of grass that is blowing in the wind and she’ll study it for an hour. It’s very insightful to see that this is what a dog who’s had to provide for herself has learned.

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Source: @adventuresofzorra

She is also a very big zoomies participant. She will get the zoomies multiple times a day, making her run endlessly, tossing a toy in the air and catching it or simply digging holes in her grandparents’ yard.

DNA Test

Because of her very interesting appearance, Ty decided to do a DNA test on her in order to determine exactly what breed she was.

Her DNA says that she’s Husky and American Pit Bull and then Supermutt.

Even with all of these incredible breeds combined, Zorra is still a very quiet dog who loves communicating with her eyes.

portrait of a dog with a blue and yellow eye
Source: @adventuresofzorra

She is also very protective of her family. When Ty had eye surgery, leaving him on couch rest for some time, Zorra’s motherly instinct kicked in, making her stick by Ty’s side throughout his entire recovery.

And, if you are a guest coming over, don’t worry… she will not leave you out. Most likely, she will bring a toy and ask you to play her favorite game – tug of war.

The funny thing is that at times she’ll bring her tug-of-war toys to the cats to try to play tug with them. And, you know, cats don’t do that.

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Final Word

This incredible doggo got the chance to leave her old life behind, finally being able to relax and live up to her full potential.Now, thanks to her new family, the only thing Zorra has to worry about is winning every single round of tug of war, which I’m sure she has no problem doing.