Bus Driver Was Shocked When He Saw Something In A Cardboard Box So He Stopped


Whenever I read some of the rescue stories, I am often reminded of the absolute best of humanity.

When you think about it, there are so many stray dogs in the world, and seeing that something is being done about it is really heartwarming.

In this story, we will talk about a bus driver who stopped when he saw something in a box near the road.

A Tiny Surprise

two puppies peeking out of a cardboard box
Source: Love Furry Friends

When a kind bus driver came to a stop, he noticed something strange inside a small box there. There were two small puppies just lying there, confused.

So, he immediately called for help from the local rescue organization, Love Furry Friends, and they sent someone there right away.

The poor puppies had been alone there for a while and the worst part of all is that it was right next to a busy road.

Something terrible could have happened if not for their rescuers who came just in time to save them.

a girl found two kittens left in a cardboard box
Source: Love Furry Friends

One woman who came to rescue them noticed that they seemed really friendly, but were really dirty and possibly had fleas.

A Stunning Makeover

two puppies eat from a plastic bowl
Source: Love Furry Friends

They hurried them back to the shelter where they would receive some nice, warm food and a bath to get rid of any potential fleas.

When they got to the shelter and started eating, it was apparent to the rescuers that they had been starving for a long time, as they ate everything very quickly.

They then showered them thoroughly, but some of the dirt couldn’t be washed off, so they just had to deal with it for a while.

The rescuers realized that it was probably the best option to schedule an appointment at a beauty salon where they would receive a real makeover.

smiling girl petting a white puppy
Source: Love Furry Friends

The puppies were named Leya and Mia, and their new treatment turned them into real beauties, as promised.

After their fun time was over, their rescuers went to do a little shopping to ensure that these sweet puppies had everything they needed to be comfortable.

It’s wonderful just how much care and love the rescuers gave to these babies who wouldn’t have made it without their help. They deserve all the best for their devotion to these sweet dogs.

While it’s not yet clear if they were adopted by a new family, there is no doubt that someone will come along and take them to a forever home.