Loyal Stray Dog Stayed With His Injured Friend Until Rescuers Came To Help


Friendships are so important. They make life so much better and worth living. This same sentiment applies to animals as well.

Dogs are known for their amazing ability to make friends with just about anybody, not just humans. It’s what makes them such great companions.

In this story, we will talk about a stray dog who didn’t want to leave his injured buddy’s side unless they were rescued together.

A Terrible Accident

photo of two dogs
Source: Betty Walter

When a rescuer from Florida, Betty Walter, was notified by her friend that she came across a dog who was hit by a car, she told her who to contact in this case.

Since she had experience with adoption and fostering, her friend first thought to ask her. Even though she couldn’t accept any more dogs, the whole situation nagged her.

She felt really bad for the pup who was hit by a car, so after work, she went to check if somebody helped him.

Upon arriving at the place, she noticed that the dog was still there, and there was another one guarding him.

loyal dog sitting by kennel
Source: Betty Walter via The Dodo

The dogs, who were now named Betty White, and Allen, were not on the road, but instead, they found a grassy area where they rested and waited for someone to come help them.

Betty was the one who was hit, and Allen didn’t want to leave her side and wanted to be with her until help arrived.

Walter told The Dodo: When I pulled up, there were a couple of dogs in the distance and he chased them off. 

When I got out of my car to look at her, he ran toward me … I had to assure him I was there to help.

Betty And Allen’s Amazing Bond

woman helping injured dog
Source: Betty Walter

She spooked Allen, who didn’t know that she was there to help, so he was very uneasy. She got him to relax after a while, but she needed help getting them in the car.

So, she called her friend who texted her and she came to help her. They were able to get Betty in the vehicle, but Allen wanted to be with her, so they helped him in as well.

Their bond was something truly special, and seeing such loyalty from dogs is really heartwarming.

At the vet, they established that her pelvis was broken, but it was nothing that surgery couldn’t fix. After that, they took her to a foster home where she can take time to heal.

Naturally, Allen was with her every step of the way. It was clear to their fosters that these dogs just really liked each other and loved being together.

two dogs walking in the yard
Source: @rescuebetty1

Even though Allen was ready for adoption, her foster mother did not want to put him on the list just yet because she wanted the two of them to be adopted together.

Walter said: They really love attention. They need someone who is going to give them lots of kisses and hugs. To keep them safe and make them feel safe. 

Allen loves toys, so someone to throw the ball and play chase with. Betty wants a bed to lay and stay by your feet.

While she tried really hard to adopt them together, it just wasn’t meant to be, so Betty and Allen were adopted separately.

Even though they live in different households in Florida, they are still pretty close to each other and the owners make sure that they still have their playtime from time to time.