Watch This 30-Pound Chihuahua Make An Amazing Transformation On Her Weight Loss Journey


Imagine seeing a 30-pound Chihuahua dog for the first time in your life!

Shocking, isn’t it?

Well, that’s how the good people of San Francisco’s rescue felt when they saw Sweet Tomato! Neglected and improperly fed her whole life, this adorable, fluffy Chi mix could barely move.

She only knew sausage and eggs, she required a stroller for longer distances, and her health was in pretty bad shape. But then, her caregivers decided to give her a second chance. And, she took it like a true athlete!

Incredible Transformation

chihuahua lying
Source: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Sweet Tomato was brought to Muttville Senior Dog Rescue, from San Francisco, California, as almost a lost cause. 

Her rescuers knew that even though she was irresistibly sweet and a toy-like pet, nobody would give her a chance due to her excessive weight.

According to Patty Stanton, PR of MSDR, this Chi girl could barely walk, and she had difficulty even lifting herself up from a lying position. All she knew for the most part of her life was junk food. Specifically – a sausage and egg-based diet!

overweight chihuahua
Source: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

The rescue team was really concerned about Sweet Tomato’s health. With her weight, which was almost three times what it should’ve been – everyone knew that it was only a matter of time until she developed some serious issue.

Her heart was in jeopardy, as well as the rest of her body. She could only spend time lying in one place, and then barely make a few steps, after which, she would collapse. 

That’s why her caregivers sent her to one of their foster homes where her weight-loss journey officially began!

A Brand-New Dog

chihuahua lying in a chair
Source: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

After only a few short months next to her amazing foster, Sweet Tomato lost an incredible 10 pounds! With a third of her body weight gone, she started moving easier, and her adorable smile was back on her face!

She started playing in the back yard and even running around, chasing her favorite toys and her doggo housemates. Even though she was sweet and kind from day one, it was then that her caregivers noticed her true character on display!

“She’s lovely with everyone and everything. She has wonderful house manners and is just a joy to have around,” the MSDR wrote on their official website.

photo of a chihuahua wearing green harness
Source: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

Sweet Tomato’s can-do attitude and the persistence of her foster were the reason why this Chi girl didn’t stop there! In just a couple of months after losing the initial 10 pounds, she lost even more. 

In her epic weight loss journey, Tomato lost half of her body weight and became a brand-new dog. She was nothing like she used to be the first time she arrived in MSDR.

And, soon enough, her hard work and her amazing spirit got a beautiful reward!

chihuahua wearing a costume
Source: Muttville Senior Dog Rescue

A woman named Amanda saw Sweet Tomato’s inspiring journey online and immediately rushed into action to give this sweet girl a forever home.

The two bonded immediately, making everyone in the rescue heartwarmed! 

Her foster and her caregivers were so happy to see Sweet Tomato coming out of her life battle as a winner. And, to see her go into a loving home where she will keep on thriving was even more rewarding.

Once a helpless Chihuahua mix that didn’t know any different, Sweet Tomato couldn’t be happier today… all thanks to a group of wonderful people who decided to believe in her!