Hooman Couldn’t Believe What Somebody Dumped In The Back Of His Truck


Words fail to describe how unfair and sad it is to dump dogs and make them feel unworthy of love.

Four little Dogo Argentino puppies felt sorrowful and scared after cold-hearted people dumped them in a truck bed at night.

Cold and starving, four innocent babies were huddled together, trying to comfort each other. The adorable furballs missed their mom, and they started yelping, wishing to be in her embrace.

With all their heart, the four little siblings longed to meet good humans who would show them that they were worthy of being treasured and loved.

A Rescue Mission

puppies in a truck
Source: DC Dogos Inc Rescue

The same evening, a Georgia resident, Alex Towers, was returning from the gym, and he headed toward his truck in the parking garage. 

Suddenly, he heard the yelping of dogs, and he soon discovered four malnourished Dogo Argentino fur babies cowering in the bed of his truck. He was left utterly saddened.

The pups were looking at him with sad eyes. 

After noticing the puppies’ protruding ribs, Towers knew that they were in need of immediate medical care. He started making calls, trying to find a pet hospital that was open at night.

As soon as he and his girlfriend found out that Veterinary Emergency Group, an animal hospital in Brookhaven, Georgia, was open, they drove the puppies there.

The hospital staff examined the puppies and gave them the medical attention that they needed.

The staff contacted DC Dogos Rescue, a Florida-based dog rescue that helps Dogo Argentinos find forever homes, and they promised to take the babies in.

The Rescue Takes The Pups In Their Care

happy puppies at home
Source: DC Dogos Inc Rescue

The next morning, their foster, who lived nearby, collected the puppies and took them home. He looked after them, giving them love and care. 

After a few days, a volunteer transported the lovely puppies to the rescue farm in Tampa.

puppies lying together
Source: DC Dogos Inc Rescue

Once they arrived, the staff welcomed the fur babies with open arms and gave them a lot of cuddles.

The siblings were very close, and they often snuggled together.

The volunteer who drove them to Tampa fell in love with one of the babies and decided to foster her.

Not long after the four puppies were admitted to the rescue, two more Dogo Argentino fur babies were found in Atlanta. They were rescued and brought to Tampa, too.

“Someone saw them off the sidewalk, off the side of the road. So clearly, they were just dumped there; they were the same age, eight weeks old. We’re thinking, maybe they’re from the same batch or litter,” Pamela Fay, the executive director of DC Dogos Rescue told PEOPLE..

puppies in the car
Source: DC Dogos Inc Rescue

All six puppies were taken to the vet and estimated to be eight weeks old. 

It was evident that they endured neglect early on in life, but they were expected to recover fully. 

The fur babies needed to be dewormed and eat a nutritious diet in order to gain weight.

The rescue staff took excellent care of the sweet babies. 

A few days later, the puppies started thriving. The staffers enjoyed watching them play and wag their little tails. Their sweet eyes were full of hope.

The fur babies were named Crysta, Magi, Zak, Hexxus, Justin, and Joey.

Searching For A Home Filled With Love

cute puppies on the floor
Source: DC Dogos Inc Rescue

The rescue is now accepting adoption applications for the pups. 

As soon as they make a full recovery, they will be ready to move to their forever homes.

Fay urges potential adopters to do the necessary research about the puppies’ breed since they need “a lot of stimulation and exercise.”

She encourages the adopters to contact them and ask them any questions they have about the Dogo Argentino babies.

rescued puppies
Source: DC Dogos Inc Rescue

“They are some of the cutest puppies ever, and so people want to get them, and then they realize they’re too much. It’s a wonderful breed, but they’re just not for everybody. And so we tend to see them get dumped quite a bit once they hit maturity,” Fay added.

We have no doubts that the sweet canines will soon find humans who will love them and dote on them just like they deserve.

We’re beyond grateful to all the wonderful people who took part in rescuing these babies. We can’t wait to see them settled in loving forever homes.