Confused Dog Dumped In Woods Helplessly Waited For A Kind Human To Hear His Cries


Dogs are beings whose whole world revolves around their favorite human. If you give them just a little love and attention, they will give you back a hundredfold and be loyal for the rest of their lives.

Unfortunately, many people are not aware of this blessing and take dog love lightly, which often leads to heartbreaking situations. This was exactly what a kind-hearted couple witnessed when they heard the cry of an abandoned dog lying helplessly in the forest.

The poor canine was loyal to his beloved owner until the end, but he reciprocated in the worst possible way. However, these two good people were so moved by his unfortunate fate that they decided to do everything to help him. 

Difficult Recovery

dumped dog
Source: The Moho

Although Ursu, as this dog was named, was broken both inside and out, these two kind souls could still see a glimmer of hope in his eyes. This was exactly what motivated them the most to help him and give him a new chance in life.

After they petted him and gave him a lot of love to relax at least a bit, one of them gently took him in his arms and carried him to the car. Since he was in horrible condition, they immediately took him to the vet. 

dog laying on a vets table
Source: The Moho

As soon as the veterinarian examined Ursu, he found out that he had liquid in his abdominal cavity. Aside from that, he was very malnourished and was suffering from a nutrient deficiency. All in all, his condition was quite critical, and he needed intensive care to survive

That’s why his rescuers had to leave him in the veterinary clinic until he recovered. Fortunately, he was finally in safe hands as the vets were doing all in their power to make him feel better. They gave him all the necessary medications, nutritious food, and a lot of love. 

woman holding dogs mouth
Source: The Moho

Although he had to stay in the clinic for several weeks, Ursu slowly started to recover, gaining strength and putting on weight. But, most importantly, the smile began to return to his face. 

It was the best indicator that Ursu was on the way to complete healing and that the beginning of his new, happy life was approaching.

He Made It!

white dog walking on a street
Source: The Moho

After several weeks of very difficult recovery, both physically and emotionally, Ursu finally acquired the conditions to be discharged

It was his new beginning and only his saviors were happier than him. That is why they decided to provide him with a foster home until he found a forever family. 

However, this couple bonded so much with Ursu that they could no longer imagine life without him. After just a few days, they decided to adopt him

They showered him with so much love, care, and attention that Ursu blossomed into the happiest dog in his new home. When we remember that only a few weeks ago, he was left lying helplessly in tears, we realize how special these moments are. 

Ursus’s story is a reminder that even in the darkest times, there are still people who care. But, it is also a call to action for all of us to treat our best canine friends with the respect and kindness they deserve.