This Deaf Woman And Her Hearing-Impaired Dog Are Just Perfect For Each Other


Don’t we all have that one person that’s just perfect for us?

Well, in Karlie’s case, her special someone is – Rhett!

This deaf woman from Texas and her rescue dog, who’s also hearing-impaired, beat every challenge along the way. Above all, they show the world how amazing their bond is! 

Since their very first day, Karlie and Rhett have been inseparable. They take on exciting adventures, go on walkies, travel, and do everything together.

This is their story!

He Understands Everything

beautiful deaf dog
Source: @rhett_the_heeler

Karlie’s lifelong wish was to adopt a deaf dog, and one day, her dream came true!

She came across Rhett in one of the local shelters in Texas. Even though she was nervous and wasn’t quite sure what their relationship would be like, Rhett dispelled all her fears! 

On their meeting day, he immediately went in for a hug and a kiss, and from that moment, it was resolved – Rhett became family.

happy woman posing with dog
Source: @rhett_the_heeler

Little by little, Rhett adjusted to his new home. But then, he took another step forward!

He started to learn sign language as he wasn’t able to follow vocal commands or hear anything his pawrents told him. 

It was a very convenient way to understand his momma, and the two became best friends. They learned how to communicate with each other without a single word.

“He can’t hear what’s going on around him, so I’m using sign language. I can sign to him and he understands me,” Karlie told Cuddle Buddies.

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He signs to him for everything – to come, to walk, to say that it’s yummy time, and even to explain some more complex stuff.

Before his hooman sister was born, his momma would sign to him “baby” and point to her tummy, and he understood!

When she was finally born, he couldn’t hear her cry, but he felt the vibrations and knew exactly what it meant. In no time, Rhett became the perfect family dog and a good nanny, too!

Maggie May, Another Great Addition To The Family

deaf dog sitting on chair with baby
Source: @rhett_the_heeler

This resilient pup got used to doing everything together with his mom. That’s why he always had a tough time staying home alone.

But, his separation anxiety soon came to an end when Karlie and her family brought another pup home – Maggie May!

The family thought bringing Maggie in would be a good idea for Rhett to feel more comfortable when mom was not around, and they were right!

two dogs posing on floor
Source: @rhett_the_heeler

Rhett was so happy to have Maggie around. He felt a lot more confident with her by his side, and the good thing was – Maggie didn’t even realize that he was deaf.

They hang out, play, and do zoomies like two regular buddies. And, they never let his hearing impairment get in the way!

Rhett Inspires People And Teaches Them That Everything Is Possible

woman carrying a baby on her backand with her dog
Source: @rhett_the_heeler

Karlie shares Rhett’s daily adventures on his official Instagram account and makes sure the world sees how great of a companion he is.

She even wrote a book called “I Deaf-initely Can, Rhett the Heeler” in which she emphasizes the importance of understanding that deaf dogs can be great companions, too!

“I adopted Rhett from a small town shelter in Texas and fought to give him a voice to educate others about deaf dogs! Writing this book has been a dream to continue to reach out to others and educate how awesome deaf dogs are,” Karlie wrote on her website.

Rhett, just like any other dog, can do anything and his condition doesn’t stop him from being the perfect pet. With each and every new day, he continues to prove himself as an exceptional dog.