This Golden Retriever Pup Has The Sweetest Way Of Showing His Mom Love


Sometimes, all you need is a paw to hold! And, the master in that department is – Louie!

This sweet Golden Retriever living in Denver, Colorado, is the ultimate cuddle bug who provides his mom, Amanda, and his older doggo brother, Leo, with endless fun. 

He makes his family’s every day a new adventure with his one-of-a-kind personality. And, when needed – he holds momma’s finger with his adorable paw as the ultimate way of expressing love!

The Sweetest Goldie Ever

golden retriever pup lying
Source: @louiethecream

Louie has always been a special pup. This cream Goldie has a whole set of specialties that makes everyone in the house entertained! 

“He’s always loved to be around people and socialize,” Amanda wrote in a Facebook post.

Ever since he was little, Louie has been crawling into the dishwasher to take naps, or else he would just “pass out” on the stairs with his head hanging off them. But, the cutest of all is his “paw language”!

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Louie loves holding mommy’s finger with his cute little paw! He reaches out to Amanda and touches her in the gentlest way possible, as if he’s trying to say: “I love you so much!”

The two have had just the most beautiful bond from the moment Louie walked into Amanda’s family, and the fact that he’s so cuddly at all times makes her love him even more!

The Ultimate Lovebug

woman holding the puppy
Source: @louiethecream

Amanda posts Louie’s “unique personality traits” on social media almost on a daily basis! Even though he’s a big boi now, he has never actually stopped being a puppy

This Colorado lovebug still uses “stair melting” as his favorite method of relaxation, and he still loves jumping into his mom’s lap, thinking he’s still tiny!

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Louie just loves taking baths as much as he used to! In fact, one of his first bathing experiences was awesome! Why, you ask? Well, because that’s the time he got his first “mohawk” hairstyle, ever!

Okay, he occasionally loves to make his paws dirty as he just loves to dig, but hey, who doesn’t like a little treasure hunt, am I right?

“He brightens us up every single day. We are so grateful we can share with our followers little snippets of what life with Louie is like,” wrote Amanda.

woman and golden retriever dog sitting on grass
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To prove that he’s a true Retriever, Louie regularly retrievers his toys – sometimes even more than one! And, he has recently learned to retrieve the newspaper, which is awesome!

Sometimes, he even retrieves things that mom doesn’t need, like shoes or a blanket, but all that is just part of Louie’s charm! Who could ever possibly blame him?

Louie And Leo’s Lifelong Bond

grown golden retriever and puppy lying next to each other
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The best part of having Louie in the family is the relationship he has with his older brother, the Goldie named Leo! Even though Leo has been in the family longer, the two formed an amazing bond, and now they can’t imagine life without each other.

“Leo and Louie complete each other,” Amanda wrote in an Instagram post.

photo of two golden retrievers
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Leo and Louie are very used to each other. Despite their minor differences, they are basically the same, as both enjoy the same little activities!

They go out in nature together, take walks together, and they even retrieve things from the water together for fun. Okay, most of the time, Leo’s the one who retrieves, and Louie just takes the credit – but who’s counting?

At the end of the day, Amanda’s so happy to have these two unique bois in the house! Louie and Leo are such amazing companions who brighten her days with so much positivity and make her one proud mom!

You can keep up with Louie on his Instagram account!