This Pup Was Hiding From The Rain In A Small Box But Then He Met Someone Who Changed His Life


Abandonment is a long-term trauma that many dogs never recover from. Being dumped in the worst of places, these four-legged creatures have only one goal — to stay alive and survive the potential danger.

Alejandro here is no exception.

When he was cruelly abandoned in a random orchard, he immediately ran to find shelter. But, instead of a warm room and a solid roof above his head, all he could find was one teeny-tiny box.

The Sweetest Surprise In A Box

dog in a cardboard box
Source: @valleyanimalcenter

When the good people of Fresno Humane Animal Services, California, first found Alejandro, they were shocked by what they saw.

He was literally hiding in a cardboard box from the rain and potential predators around. Yet, when they approached him, he had the sweetest smile on his face. It was as if he was patiently waiting all this time for kind humans to find him.

hand petting the abandoned dog
Source: @valleyanimalcenter

The volunteers didn’t know how long this little boi had spent in the box, but one thing was undoubtedly true – it was a true miracle that he survived!

With all the coyotes and stray dogs roaming around, Alejandro was in constant danger of being hurt. Luckily, on the day of his rescue, he seemed quite healthy, except for his skin issue, which was the result of his rough life outside.

“Alejandro was found abandoned in an orchard and was hiding in a cardboard box from the rain. His fur and skin were in very rough conditions,” VAC wrote on Facebook.

The crew took care of this gentle pup and, after initial treatment, took him to
Valley Animal Center, from Fresno, California.

cropped photo of dog sitting on grass next to a man
Source: Liz Gonzalez – KMPH FOX 26

During the first week, he was extremely shy around other people and dogs, but then his true character blossomed. In no time, he became this spunky, energetic pup whose tail was constantly wagging.

He soon overcame his cardboard box trauma, and now, he is ready to take on life with his new buddies. 

After hearing his tragic story, The Dodo team surprised Alejandro with the most amazing surprise! They purchased him a nice, comfy bed to celebrate his rescue from that old cardboard box – and he couldn’t be happier!

Thriving Around His New Family

woman holding the dog
Source: Valley Animal Center

It didn’t take long for Alejandro to dazzle everyone with who he truly was – and he was just the ultimate companion!

Despite all the struggle at the beginning of his journey, he was now finally ready to go into a forever home. And, that day, it finally happened!

“Although he did face some tough times at the beginning of his arrival, he could not wait to show his love. He enjoyed being able to hang out with his shelter friends. We are happy to say that Alejandro has found his person to share and give all his love to,” the rescue wrote in a Facebook post.

dog posing with yellow background
Source: Valley Animal Center

Alejandro is now thriving around his new mom. It is safe to say that he’s not even a shadow of his old self anymore because he now has everything he dreamed of.

Far away from that orchard and rainy days, all this sweet little pup knows now are exciting adventures in his new home.

He’s absolutely transformed into a brand-new dog, and his rescuers couldn’t be more grateful for finally seeing Alejandro in the right place!