Abandoned Dog Spent Months Waiting For His Family To Come Back Before Rescuers Stepped In


Dogs are often left behind, and that breaks their loyal hearts. Among them, senior dogs bear the brunt of abandonment as their families move on to new beginnings.

We are often unaware of how much we can hurt our pets by leaving them behind, but there are always people with a big heart who are willing to help and provide a home for abandoned dogs.

Heartbreaking Abandonment

dog lying on the grass by the street
Source: Hope For Paws

Dogs want to love and be loved by their human companions. They are beloved members of many families because of their loyalty and unconditional love.

A senior dog named Pumba believed that he would stay with his family indefinitely, but his family had different intentions. His owners didn’t treat him very well – they didn’t give him the love he deserved.

The owners abandoned the elderly dog without a second thought when they decided to move away one day. They gathered their goods and left – never to be seen again.

They left Pumba feeling confused and alone. 

Waiting For The Family’s Return

dog crossing the street
Source: Hope For Paws

Days, weeks, and months passed, but Pumba’s family still didn’t return. Pumba was so loyal that he continued to wait for his family and never give up on them.

The dog survived a year of living on the streets, and he stayed near his old neighborhood in case his family came looking for him.

Pumba’s Rescue

photo of the Pumba on the front porch
Source: Hope For Paws

The neighbors were heartbroken by Pumba’s situation, so they would often give him food to eat.

Hope for Paws (HFP) eventually learned about the helpless elderly dog and sprang into action.

HFP members Lisa and Joann attempted to put the dog inside a cage to take care of him and get him off the streets. Even though they tried to attract Pumba inside the cage with food, it didn’t work because he was scared and unwilling to go in.

However, he began accepting food from Joann and Lisa, who eventually won his trust. The dog understood that they were simply trying to help him, so he consented to being carried to the car.

Journey To Love And Security

senior dog Pumba and foster woman
Source: Hope For Paws

After saving Pumba, they took him to the vet where he received the care that he needed and a complete checkup. The caring foster family where he is now is giving him the love, care, and attention he had been missing.

He has developed into a bright, joyful, and loving dog in this new, safe, and loving environment, and it’s obvious that he now feels happy and secure. Pumba looks forward to living out the rest of his life with loved ones by his side, and he is eternally thankful to those who saved him.

Pumba’s story shows how love and compassion can transform a life. 

We hope that Pumba will create many memories and bring happiness to each other in his new family.