Rescuers Were Heartbroken When They Saw This Starving Puppy Offering Them A Slice Of Bread


Dogs might not be able to speak, but their actions tell more about their personalities than any word could say. And, they often say much better things than human actions.

A seven-week-old pup named Gunnar taught the whole world a valuable life lesson and proved that dogs truly are selfless creatures with a high sense of gratitude and affection, along with the ability to forgive and forget.

This starved, sick, and abandoned puppy still managed to wag his tail and share his last piece of food with the people who came to his rescue.

A Ray Of Happiness In The Dirt Of Reality

starving puppy
Source: YouTube

A teeny doggo named Gunnar was left in a dirty place filled with trash and a bit of food, which he probably found in the garbage.

Hungry, exhausted, and dirty, but with a heart filled with love, this little pooch managed to survive in such conditions until he was finally found and rescued by good people from the Sidewalk Specials.

Gunnar looked like a walking slice of bread, as the slice was almost as big as he was. He carried it with so much joy and excitement, which broke the heart not only of his saviors, but anyone who has seen the video of his rescue published by The Dodo.

a starving puppy with a crust of bread in its mouth
Source: YouTube

The little doggo was barely able to see from all the dirt he was covered in, but as soon as the team from Sidewalk Specials came near him, he became excited as he knew he was being saved. As one of the rescuers told the Dodo:

We were there just in the nick of time for him. He had a week of being cold and scared and alone. His absolutely positive attitude kept him going.

Just as the doggo was happy to see his rescuers, they were also relieved to have found him before it was too late.

Hope Dies Last

The rescuers were well aware of the fact that the doggo they found was in bad shape, but they didn’t know just how bad it was until they took him to the vet.

starving sad puppy
Source: YouTube

After a thorough examination, Gunnar was diagnosed with several health issues, all of which posed a serious risk for his overall well-being.

Tick infections, dog fever, worms, and anemia were just some of the health problems little Gunnar was dealing with. However, with the help of health professionals and dog lovers, this doggo was soon able to go to a loving foster home.

The fact that he was a puppy might have been one of the reasons why he was able to survive and recover, but I believe with all my heart that his positive energy kept him alive.

crying puppy
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Finding His Furever Home

I bet you’ll all agree with me that it’s practically impossible not to fall in love with this pooch, considering how adorable he is. Well, that’s exactly why he didn’t stay even for a full week with his foster parents.

Freya, a dog enthusiast, felt an immediate connection to Gunnar as soon as she met him, which is why she wholeheartedly accepted him into her home and family.

the girl is holding a puppy in her lap
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It seems that Gunnar felt the same, at least according to Freya’s words:

He wasn’t difficult to open up to us at all. It feels like he was very thankful that he got rescued.

The little furry fella was super excited about his new home, but there was one specific thing that he was fascinated by – grass.

It seemed like he had never seen it before, considering how surprised he looked when he stepped on the lawn for the first time in his new home.

the puppy runs with a ball in its mouth
Source: YouTube

Now, he loves spending time outside playing with his favorite toy, but he also loves to investigate, and is curious about everything.

From A Tiny, Starving Doggo To A Big, Healthy Boy

Gunnar went through a lot during his early puppyhood, but it was all worth it as he’s now a part of a loving family that takes great care of him.

He is now a playful doggie that loves to run around, sniff, and play with his favorite ball. But, there is one thing that he loves to do more than anything, and that is collect rocks.

Gunnar became obsessed with this hobby from the early days of his life in Freya’s home, and it’s almost impossible to spend a day at the beach without taking at least one rock with him.

He first goes around, searches for the right rock. It’s not any rock. And, then he brings it to you. He’s definitely our little rockstar.

the puppy walks on the sand
Source: YouTube

It seems that this is Gunnar’s way of saying “thank you” to his owner for everything she has done for him.

Gunnar, The Foster Brother

Freya became a foster mom in 2020 and Gunnar has gotten to hang out with lots of furry buddies since then.

Considering that he’s a real social butterfly and enjoys spending time with both people and other animals, the task of being a foster brother is not an issue for Gunnar.

two puppies are playing on the grass
Source: YouTube

He loves playing around with his four-legged pals and being their guide throughout the house and the yard.

Thanks to the good people from Sidewalk Specials, Gunnar grew into a wonderful doggo that is loved and cared for by his beloved mom, Freya.