11 Best Sable German Shepherd Breeders In The US

German Shepherd dogs are beautiful and hardworking dogs popular all around the world. They come in many coat color variations — from solid white and black, to red and tan, and sable!

A Sable color means the hair has lighter roots and darker tips. There are many shades of sable coat color, but they are all beautiful and they make the GSD even more gorgeous.

So, can I find a breeder in the US that specializes in breeding sable-colored German Shepherds? Even though many breeders do not separate the dogs by color when they sell the puppies, there are some breeders that take great pride in breeding Sable GSDs and separate them from the other dogs they sell.

So, the answer to the question: can I find Sable German Shepherd breeders in the US is — yes!

As a matter of fact, here  is a list containing the 11 best Sable GSD breeders, and they all focus  on breeding the healthiest and the most beautiful German Shepherd puppies of sable coat color in the US.

Let’s learn more about them.

Sable German Shepherd Puppies For Sale In The US

Sable German Shepherd dogs are not rare, but even so, it is hard to find a breeder that has a regular litter of sable-colored puppies.

Most of the breeders focus on “standard” red and black or tan and black German Shepherds, and only occasionally offer real Sable GSD puppies.

The reason behind this is the fact that the American Kennel Club (AKC) favors standard red and black coat colors. The AKC recognizes and accepts sable coat color, but it is not that desired in Shows.

But true dog lovers know that a dog doesn’t have to be AKC preferable or even accepted, to be the most beautiful doggo in the whole world! Luckily, there are true dog lovers and reputable breeders all across the States that recognize the beauty of Sable German Shepherds.

Some of the 11 best Sable German Shepherd breeders in the US breed working lines, and others breed GSDs to be protection dogs. But no matter the purpose, they are all professional, reputable, and responsible breeders.

1. True Haus Kennels, Oroville, CA

Sable German Shepherd lying on grass

The owner of the True Haus Kennels from Oroville in Butte County, CA is James Reed. He breeds  working line Sable German Shepherds.

Most of his German Shepherds are black sable coat color but he has solid black GSDs too. They are exceptional working dogs that go through proper socialization and training. James Reed combines the looks of the East Working Line with the working qualities of the West Working Line GSDs.

True Haus Kennels German Shepherds are well-trained dogs with outstanding looks. Not only do these dogs look gorgeous, but they are also highly obedient and display every positive trait of a GSD — they’re loyal, trainable, and have  wonderful guarding abilities.

The puppies come with a health guarantee and with AKC registration papers. You can give the puppy back if you are not satisfied, but only if they haven’t been spayed or neutered. But honestly — no one has ever returned a puppy to James. Everyone has a positive experience with him and his German Shepherds.

If you want to reserve a puppy, you will need to make a $300 non-refundable deposit. If you have any questions regarding the puppies, price, or the facility where the dogs are trained and located most of the time, feel free to call James Reed.

You can also email him ([email protected]). In either case, he replies to all of his calls, emails, and messages.

Address: 2280 Louis Ave, Oroville, CA 95966, United States

Phone: +15305345678

Website: True Haus Kennels

2. Gerdes Haus Kennels, McKinney, TX

Sable German Shepherd sitting on a wooden base

This is a family-operated Kennel located 40 miles from Dallas. Their goal is to produce German Shepherd dogs that preserve the original GSDs. That means they strive to produce intelligent and trustworthy German Shepherds that will be incredible watchdogs and family pets at the same time.

Their Sable German Shepherds have excellent conformation. Their dogs are employed by the Police, Rescue groups, Firemen, and many other reputable clients. The dogs at Gerdes Haus Kennels go through excellent training and socialization.

The dogs are in constant contact with the owners of the Kennels and other employees. They make sure the dogs are used to noises, smells, strangers, and various animals like cats or some other types of pets. That way, you can be sure you are bringing a true family companion ready to join any type of family.

The Gerdes Haus Kennels are the type of Sable German Shepherd breeders that take great care of making exceptional bloodlines ready to be used for  personal protection or even a therapy dog. Whatever type of dog of this breed you are looking for, they have it.

As the breeder before them, they too mix the DDR (Deutsches Demokratische Republik) German Shepherds with other breeding programs in order to get exceptional dogs for work and companionship.

The dogs from Gerdes Haus Kennels are OFA-tested and certified and they come with a one-year health guarantee.

Address: 730 Overland Dr, McKinney, TX 75069, United States

Phone: +14694242077

Website: Gerdes Haus Kennels

3. Hayes Haus, West Newbury, MA

Sable German Shepherd lying on the grass and looking up

The owner’s name is Brandon Hayes. He is not only one of the most reputable Sable German Shepherd breeders in the US but a trainer, canine behavior specialist, and CGC Evaluator too.

He breeds working-line German Shepherds. Brandon is very proud of his German Shepherd dogs. He even mentions them one by one in the “About me” part of his website. You can find the names like Gitta vom Haus Barkley or similar names.

Don’t get confused with the von and long names, those are pedigree names of working dogs that he used to establish his GSD bloodline. His dogs are of excellent temper, structure, intelligence, and health.

Brandon takes great care to explain everything you need to know about German Shepherds, no matter the coat color. He talks about the origin of the GSDs, their predisposition to certain behavior, as well as the differences between male and female German Shepherds.

And, if you still have any additional questions, he is more than happy to provide an answer to all of them. As a canine behavior specialist, you can rest assured your Sables are going to be well-socialized and well-tempered.

Address: 159 Indian Hill St, West Newbury, MA 01985, United States

Phone: +19783587672

Website: Hayes Haus

4. Bellevue German Shepherds, Angels Camp, CA

Sable German Shepherd sitting and looking at camera with tongue out

This is a small family breeder from Angels Camp. So, if you’re heading to the Jumping Frog Contest in Angels Camp and you happen to love Sable German Shepherds, take a turn and check out the Bellevue GSDs.

They have beautiful silver sable German Shepherds. Sometimes, they also have blue German Shepherds, or liver and lilac. But their Sable GSDs are breathtaking.

And not only are they beautiful, but they are also of excellent temperament and health. Bellevue GSDs focus  on breeding “old style” German Shepherds. That means that they have straighter t backs and no extreme angulations.

They are AKC registered, and they have been awarded the Bred With Heart certificate. If you decide to purchase a puppy from them, you will also get a health certificate and pet insurance until you get your insurance.

They are open, welcoming, and one of the best Sable German Shepherd breeders, not only in California but in the entire US too.

Address: 1216 Claire Ave, Sacramento, CA 95838, United States

Phone: +19162157794

Website: Bellevue German Shepherds

5. Ruskin House Of Shepherds, Ruskin, FL

Sable German Shepherd lying in field

They have been in the breeding business since 1985. They have been AKC inspected and approved, and they offer all kinds of German Shepherd coat colors, including the silver and black sable coat colors.

But if you want to check out other GSDs, like the Panda German Shepherd or the “standard” red and tan — they’ve got them too. But we are focusing  on their gorgeous sable-colored German Shepherds.

If you buy a puppy from them, you will also get a free training course. Also, they offer a 10% discount to all veterans, police officers, or first responders. If you are interested in any of their pups, you can see all the available puppies on their website or you can give them a call.

They also have long-haired German Shepherds, coming in sable coat colors as well. So, whatever GSD you have in mind, long-haired or short-haired, sable or black — Ruskin House of shepherds has them.

All of their dogs have had their vaccinations and they are regularly dewormed and treated against other parasites. The puppies also come with a one-year health guarantee. In general, the dogs you get from them are healthy, beautiful, and happy dogs.

Address: 1620 24th St SE, Ruskin, Florida 33570, United States

Phone: +19413212305

Website: Ruskin House Of Shepherds

6. West Coast German Shepherds, Sun City, CA

Sable German Shepherd lying down and resting

The owner is Barbie DiBernardo and she has worked  for more than 25 years breeding the most exceptional Sable German Shepherds to  become great family dogs.

So, she is not breeding working lines but  family lines or show line dogs. Barbie works together with her husband Kip and her son Aiden. They are all invested in making healthy GSDs.

All of Barbie’s dogs are OFA-tested and certified. They are also tested for Degenerative Myelopathy, as well as DNA tested and cleared for the MDR1 gene. This gene is considered to be responsible for reactions to various medications.

Besides the regular vaccines and deworming programs, all of their dogs come with a 5-year health guarantee that includes hip and elbow guarantees, as well. The dogs are a part of the family and are treated as family members.

All of the puppies are well-socialized. They are introduced to various smells, noises, and situations from an early age. By doing so, Barbie and Kip are ensuring their puppies will grow up to be calm and confident dogs without anxiety or aggressive traits.

Address: Sun City, California 92585, United States

Phone: +19517752534 

Website: West Coast German Shepherds

7. Odom’s German Shepherds, Springtown, TX

Sable German Shepherd walks in a meadow

They specialize in DDR and Czech German Shepherd dogs. They have beautiful black sable GSDs, and you can see for yourself how beautiful the dogs are on their Facebook profile or their official website.

They might be located in Springtown Texas, but they work all across the States — New York, Oregon, Arizona, Florida, etc.

The owner’s name is Dani Norman-Odom, and this breeder has been in the business since 1994. They have a Bred With Heart certificate, their dogs are tested for Degenerative Myelopathy, and OFA-tested and cleared.

Odom’s German Shepherds breed Sable GSDs with traits like high intelligence, obedience, loyalty, and great beauty. The dogs are not for work but for leisure. If you are looking for a German Shepherd to be your family pet, Odom’s GSDs is a perfect place to find an exceptional German Shepherd.

They are rightfully on the list of the 11 best Sable German Shepherd breeders in the US. Dani takes excellent care of the dogs. All of her dogs are sable and they have medium to long coat types. Besides the official website, you can check out the AKC Marketplace for Odom’s GSDs.

Address: Springtown, Texas 76082, United States

Phone: +18175231332

Website: Odom’s German Shepherds

8. Kreative Kennels, Oakdale, CA

Sable German Shepherd runs across the field with a toy in its mouth

The owner of the Kreative Kennels is Michael Osmundson. This breeder is interested only in working-line German Shepherds.

Actually, they breed and train dogs intended for the Police Force regularly. Of course, they sell their puppies to individuals as well. But you have to know that they do not make Show dogs, but working dogs — guards, watchdogs, etc.

All of the German Shepherds in the Kreative Kennels are trained and socialized from an early age by the personnel and are constantly exposed to various noises and smells, people, and animals.

They also feed  them a raw diet for German Shepherds, and all of the puppies are under the constant care of the full-time healthcare manager. All of the dogs go through necessary vaccinations and a regular deworming process.

If you are looking for some of the best Sable German Shepherd breeders who specialize in serious, intelligent, stable, and brave working line GSDs — Kreative Kennel is the place to go!

Address: 12730 Oakdale, California 95361, United States

Phone: +12096050068

Website: Kreative Kennels

9. Liebe Für Shepherds, Princeville, IL

Sable German Shepherd sits sadly and looks at the camera

Don’t get fooled by the German language in front of you, this is an all-American breeder from Princeville, Illinois. The owner’s name is Michael Smice, and he has black sable German Shepherds.

Michael Smice has been breeding this lovely dog breed since 2014. All of his sable dogs are of darker pigment. They are AKC registered, and they have been vaccinated, dewormed, and regularly health checked by a licensed veterinarian.

The German Shepherds from Liebe Für Shepherds are very well-socialized. They are great with cats, other dogs, and even goats. You can see the proof on their AKC Marketplace website — there is an adorable picture of one of the German Shepherds with a goat.

The owner and his family are open about all traits this dog breed can have. They are not trying to hide any truth from anyone, they are open and want you to know what kind of dog you are getting into your family. A good dog, but a big dog too that needs taking care of.

So, get yourself and your German Shepherd ready for the shedding season and find a good brush for your GSD. But, if you have any questions about grooming or what to use in the grooming process, Michael is there to give answers.

Address: Princeville, Illinois 61559, United States

Phone: +13096696786

Website: Liebe Für Shepherds

10. Sable Rock German Shepherd Dogs, Saint Peter, MN

Sable German Shepherd standing on hind legs

Meet Jeremy and Callie Smuder. They have been breeding and showing Sable German Shepherd dogs for more than 20 years. They have three children to help them with the business.

They have 7 acres of pure joy for dogs to explore! They can go on a run, hike, sniff all the plants, and socialize with other animals and pets. And don’t forget the children! They are crucial in the dog’s early socialization.

Jeremy and Callie have gorgeous red sable German Shepherds. Their dogs are AKC registered, and they come directly from European bloodlines. Besides selling dogs to families and individuals, their dogs have been successful therapy and service dogs, too.

Of course, just like other Sable German Shepherd breeders we’ve mentioned, Sable Rock GSDs is an excellent breeder that takes exceptional care of all dogs. All of the puppies and their parents are healthy and happy.

Jeremy and Callie Smuder have an AKC Breeder of Merit certificate. But they are not interested in selling the dogs without paying attention to where they go. Jeremy cares where his dogs go. If he feels uncomfortable for any reason whatsoever, he has a full right to refuse to sell the dog.

Address: Saint Peter, MN, United States

Website: Sable Rock German Shepherd Dogs

Email: [email protected]

11. Spotted Fever Ranch, San Acacio, CO

Sable German Shepherd puppy enjoying the green grass

Rick and Pat Binger are the owners of the Spotter Fever Ranch and the Sable Fever Shepherds. Basically, they have a ranch with horses and other animals, and they also breed Sable German Shepherds, but they are so proud of their GSDs that they decided to make a special name.

The Bingers have been breeding Sable German Shepherds since 1999. They have only one litter per year, so if you want a puppy you will have to get on a waiting list.

All of their dogs are from the Czech bloodline and are imported. They imported their first dogs because they wanted to avoid the hip and elbow problems that American bloodlines have.

Their dogs are also DNA tested and cleared. And they are beautiful! The dogs have a big place to run, play, and work! Their German Shepherds even help herd the sheep on the farm. But they’ve proved to be good at  other jobs as well. Some of their dogs became guard dogs, therapy dogs, search and rescue dogs, etc.

If you have any questions, you can email them ([email protected]) or make a phone call. They are available to answer any questions you might have about the breed, their dogs, and the breeding program, as well as the price.

Address: Sanford, Colorado 81151, United States

Phone: +19709807652

Website: Spotted Fever Ranch

What Is The Price Of The Sable German Shepherd?

This dog breed is a movie star, they are excellent guard dogs, and family pets — they are excellent at almost everything! In one word, they are very popular!

So, with such popularity, there are many GSD breeders in the US. But even though there are many GSD breeders, there aren’t many Sable German Shepherd breeders. Not many reputable ones, at least.

Because of this, the average price of the Sable German Shepherd dog is between $1000 and $3000. You can find a GSD puppy for much less, but you won’t be sure if the dog is healthy.

You won’t have any insight into whether  the dog has a gene responsible for hip and elbow problems, and many other health issues. So, a higher price is expected.

All of the breeders we mentioned are well-respected and humane. They are all AKC registered and take excellent care of the dogs. That’s why they can sell their dogs for at least $1000.

The Conclusion

Whether you are looking for a German Shepherd for a Show or you need a working line GSD, you can find your perfect puppy at one of these 11 Sable German Shepherd breeders in the US.

They all socialize the puppies from an early age and have them vaccinated and dewormed. What makes them the best is the fact that they are not here just for profit.

They carefully decide to whom they sell their dogs. Whether they are a Kennel registered business or family-owned business, their sable-colored German Shepherd dogs are intelligent, well-socialized, loyal, and healthy!

So, take your time and look through these 11 best Sable German Shepherd breeders and find what you are looking for. You can find a black sable, a red sable, or even a gorgeous-looking silver sable GSD. Whatever coat color dog you choose, it will be more than ready to become your new best friend and family member.

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