23 Cute Dogs Celebrating Easter In The Most Adorable Way


Every holiday is better when you have a cute pup to spend it with. From dressing your puppy up to engaging in a fun egg hunt, your Easter can also be a joyous occasion. 

Whether you celebrate the holiday or not, I hope you can at least enjoy our collection of some adorable pups being festive, cute, and funny for Easter. 

#1 Who’s Cuter, The Easter Bunny Or Nello? 

It’s a tough competition, but I’d choose you, Nello. Who can resist those beautiful eyes?!

dog sitting beside yellow flowers celebrating easter
Photo from: @thelifeofnello

#2 The Cutest Easter Bunnies 

These Staffies are fur sure ready for Easter… waiting for their yummy Easter treats!

two dogs as easter bunnies in the yard
Photo from: @theadventuresofnalaandmax

#3 Fifi, The Bunny

You can’t fool us, Fifi. We all know you’re actually the Easter bunny.

white dog as easter bunny celebrating easter
Photo from: @rescuedogfam

#4 An Eggcellent Easter 

Ace, the Weimaraner, wants to wish you all a whimsical and eggcellent Easter.

dog wearing bunny ears celebrating easter
Photo from: @weimaraner.ace

#5 The Easter Spirit

Easter isn’t just for hoomans…

dog with bunny ears celebrating easter
Photo from: @the_8_paw_pad

#6 Thinking About His Easter Basket 

Frank is so eggcited about all the goodies he’s going to get in his Easter basket that he can’t help drooling a bit (note the leg). 

dog with with white bunny ears celebrating easter
Photo from: @healedbythehound

#7 Easter Egg Hunting

Charlie is totally ready for Easter egg hunting with her adorable, personalized bucket…

adorable dog in easter outfit waiting for egg hunting
Photo from: @charliebellepupwear

#8 Easter Themed Photoshoot

Gorgeous Lexy is ready for Easter and some adorable photos. 

dog sitting beside easter decoration ready for celebartion
Photo from: @britebarks

#9 Give Us Carrots!

These pooches not only look like bunnies, but as I hear, their favorite food is carrots. Are you sure you’re not part bunny as well? 

two funny dogs with bunny ears sitting on the couch
Photo from: @dexy_life

#10 Bunny Tryouts 

After “some” yummy Easter chocolate eggs, we all look like Henri the Bulldog…

english bulldog wearing bunny ears celebrating easter
Photo from: @cadburyusa

#11 One Happy Easter Family 

What’s better than some cute Easter puppies? Well, puppies and bunnies together, of course!

two dogs and three bunnies celebrating easter
Photo from: @astylephotographybyamanda

#12 Easter Egg Pugs 

They’re adorable!

easter egg pugs in the car
Photo from: Pinterest

#13 Easter Cards Ready!

Some-bunny is thinking of you!

french bulldog in bunny outfit sitting in the garden
Photo from: Pinterest

#14 Oh, No! This Again!

I think he might not like bunny ears.

funny easter bulldog wearing bunny ears
Photo from: Pinterest

#15 Pugs Bunny

This Pug also doesn’t look too thrilled about his Easter look! 

pug wearing bunny ears sitting on the snow
Photo from: Pinterest

#16 Bunny Terriers 

Bull Terriers? No! They’re surely bunny Terriers!

two bull terriers wearing bunny ears celebrating easter
Photo from: Pinterest

#17 Egg Hunt Done

Hmm, there’s something different about this egg, but I can’t pinpoint what, eggsactly. What do you think? 

german shepherd dog holding smalldog in easter egg bucket in the garden
Photo from: Pinterest

#18 A Golden Bunny

 A golden bunny wants to wish you a very happy Easter filled with golden goodness!

golden retriever as easter bunny sitting near the egg basket
Photo from: Pinterest

#19 Sweet Little Bunny

Someone is definitely ready for Easter!

small dog with bunny ears lying on the bed
Photo from: @lokidokidogshop

#20 Bunny Love 

“At first, I wanted to destroy this fluffy thing, but then it started giving me food, so I decided to be friends with it instead!”

easter bunny and bulldog posing together
Photo from: @mookie.staar

#21 Celebrating Easter In Style

Those Easter eggs are really to dye for. 

easter dog standing beside easter eggs
Photo from: Pinterest

#22 Cool Bunny

The coolest Easter bunny out there!

dog wearing sunglasses and bunny ears lying in the grass
Photo from: @co_pilot_chewie

#23 Is It Easter Already?!

I think you’re Labrador-able!

labrador wearing bunny ears sitting in the kitchen
Photo from: @dogwithhamburger