A Rescue Dog Saves Another Puppy’s Life With His ‘Gift Of Blood’


In today’s world, acts of generosity can be rare; however, the dogs’ innate ability to express unwavering love and perform selfless acts often defies expectations. 

If you don’t believe it, I’m sure that this story will change your mind. 

Houston SPCA frequently rescues neglected and sick dogs in all kinds of conditions and nurses them back to health. This time, when a 10-week-old puppy came into their care, they quickly realized that it was going to take a lot more to save this poor baby’s life. 

That’s when Browny came into the picture and saved the day. 

A Lifesaving Gesture

close-up photo of the dog lying down and being treated
Source: Houston SPCA

In August 2023, Houston SPCA Cruelty Investigators rescued a 10-week-old puppy – an Australian Cattle Dog now named Precious – due to reports of extreme neglect, anemia, and various skin infections. 

Upon arrival, the vets quickly realized that the situation was far worse than they thought. 

Dr. Rebecca Shipley, Houston SPCA’s veterinarian, said: “She came to us so infested with fleas and hookworms and other parasites that she was anemic. She was so anemic that she was almost dead.”  

Little Precious could barely stand on her own, and would just “lay there sleeping”, according to the veterinarian. 

Anemia, parasites, emaciation, and lethargy – it all led to a quick decline. 

The veterinary team quickly realized that this little pup would need an urgent blood transfusion, so they sprang into action. 

They found the ideal candidate on their campus – Browny, a 5-year-old Labrador Retriever. 

photo of the rescue dog
Source: Houston SPCA

Unlikely Heroes

Browny was healthy and seemed to be a good match for this little puppy, so Dr. Shipley and several others from the veterinary staff decided to perform a blood transfusion. 

“Browny was calm and allowed the team to quickly extract the necessary blood for Precious,” Houston SPCA wrote in their Facebook post documenting Browny’s heroic act. 

The veterinary team did the transfusion, and it thankfully worked, saving little Precious’ life. 

two dogs sniffing each other
Source: Houston SPCA

Precious had a mild reaction, but in the end, everything worked great and her health has improved significantly. 

“She had become more energetic and was no longer lethargic like when she first arrived. Browny is also doing well post-transfusion!,” Houston SPCA wrote. 

Dr. Shipley stated that Precious is doing great. She got spayed, and she is very happy, so hopefully, she’ll be ready for adoption in a couple of weeks. 

Thanks to Browny and her lifesaving gift, little Precious got a second chance at life and will hopefully lead a happy and long life. 

As for Browny, after saving a life and staying monitored by the Houston SPCA’s veterinary team, she’s finally available for adoption, and hopefully, she will find a forever home quickly. 

photo of the rescue dog on a leash
Source: Houston SPCA

According to their post, she’s enjoying nice walks around the campus and is a part of their Big Dog Days of Summer promotion, which means that you can take this sweet girl home for only $10!

For more information about the dogs, visit the Houston SPCA website. 

I’m sure that after saving a life and doing a remarkable gesture that we all can learn from, the least this beautiful girl deserves is a warm home.