A scared dog, abandoned by her owner, couldn’t stop shaking until she encountered an amazing person


Only love can mend a broken heart.

A pup named Dash desperately needed to feel human affection and encouragement after her owner kicked her out of her home.

With her feelings deeply hurt and nowhere to go, the pup was trying to survive on her own.

Sadly, the people whom she met chased her away. They refused to give the dog the kindness and help that she needed more than ever before.

Having experienced rejection and betrayal from humans, Dash started looking for places to hide from everyone.

The pup’s heart became overwhelmed with fear, and she started shaking uncontrollably.

Will anyone show her some compassion and heal her wounded heart?

The Pup Meets Her Rescuers

poor abandoned dog shaking
Source: Sidewalk Specials

As soon as the rescuers at Sidewalk Specials were notified that there was a dog who badly needed their help, they headed to the location.

Upon their arrival, their hearts broke after they saw the terrified pup. She was lying on the ground, unable to stop trembling.

The good people approached her, and the pooch looked at them with the saddest eyes.

The rescue team found out that the canine’s owner didn’t want her anymore. They decided  to take her into their care.

The kind-hearted people promised her that they would find her a new home where she would receive the love that she deserved.

One of the rescuers knelt down, took the pup into her arms, and gave her a big hug.

young woman hugging shaking dog
Source: Sidewalk Specials

The pooch, later named Dash, still looked confused and frightened. She wasn’t aware that her life would finally turn for the better.

Rescuers took her straight to the vet and gave her her first bath.

Dash wasn’t used to receiving kindness and care from humans.

Healing At A Loving Foster Home

smiling woman grooming dog
Source: Sidewalk Specials

Her human friends found her a wonderful foster family who opened their hearts to Dash and welcomed her into their home.

Dash’s foster mom tried hard to win her trust and make friends with her.

Since the doggo was still frightened, she was always looking for places to hide. Her foster mom often found her cowering in corners.

She understood that the pup needed time to start trusting humans again. They failed her many times.

The kind woman built her a fort, and Dash started decompressing.

dog laying next to the food bowl
Source: Sidewalk Specials

Thanks to the love and care her foster mom showered her with, the canine started letting go of her fears and feeling better.

Her eyes seemed more hopeful. Dash savored her foster mom’s cuddles, and she looked at her with gratitude and affection.

The sweet pup began believing that good people exist. Her heart glimmered with hope that she would soon find humans who would love her like she always wished for.

happy dog in a new home
Source: Sidewalk Specials

I hope that Dash will soon find forever parents who will spoil her with love and help her become a happy dog.

The pup’s story highlights the amazing work foster parents do. Day after day, they mend dogs’ broken hearts and prepare them for their forever homes.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the love that you give to the abandoned and rejected canines.