Tiny Puppy Abandoned In Front Of A Bank With Only A Blanket Hopes To Find Home


Imagine walking into your local bank, expecting to complete your normal, everyday transactions, when suddenly you’re met with an unexpected sight that leaves you speechless. 

That is exactly what happened here when on their visit to a back, people were taken aback by a small puppy concealed under a blanket in front of the bank’s main door.

All Alone And Scared  

puppy wrapped into a jacket
Source: Paws Show

Shocked by the sight of a weak little puppy sleeping underneath a blanket, the bank-goers tried to decipher how he ended up there. 

However, it was clear that the little puppy was abandoned by someone and left there on the street with only a single blanket.  

Thankfully, there are still some good people in this world who don’t want to leave a hungry, thirsty, sad, and scared puppy behind.

He was only 45 days old, after all. 

They scooped him up and brought him to a local dog rescuer named Sandra. She couldn’t believe what inhuman monster could throw away a little soul like this on the street. 

little puppy standing on an orange blanket
Source: Facebook

The puppy was very weak, so she immediately brought him to the vet. 

The puppy – later named Lery – thankfully didn’t have any major health issues, but he was in desperate need of good food, care, and lots of love.

The Road To Recovery 

With time, Lery’s strength returned and he was able to grow as any puppy should. 

Eating some good food and receiving lots of love did the trick. In no time, Lery was already three months old and a lot bigger than the day he was found in front of the bank.

grown up puppy
Source: Facebook

He was vaccinated against infectious diseases and rabies. 

When Lery was around four months old, he received his last shot for now, and was finally ready to be adopted. 

Sandra worked really hard at finding him the perfect home where he could be completely happy. 

“Please share so that as many good people as possible see me, and that one of them falls in love with me and provides me the life I deserve. My name is Lery and I won’t be a big boy,” Sandra wrote on her Facebook profile. 

Before going to his forever home, he did get a chance to go to Sandra’s house and play with her other dogs. 

He loved to play with other dogs, but he was also very good with cats and children. 

In the end, Lery did find a beautiful forever home where he gets to enjoy life to the fullest.

adorable puppy on the couch with toy
Source: Facebook

Long forgotten are the days where he slept in front of the bank desperately waiting for someone to rescue him.

Check out Lery’s journey here: