Police Officer Discovers The Most Heartbreaking Surprise Inside A Concrete Pipe


When an officer from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, Washington State, was out on patrol, he witnessed a heartbreaking scene.

A stray, white dog who was crossing the street was sadly hit by a car.

Rescue Mission

photo of dog in concrete pipe
Source: Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

The scared, injured dog gathered all of her strength and ran away, seeking refuge in an open concrete structure located near the road on which the tragic accident happened.

Being super concerned for the little doggo, the police officer swiftly made his way over to the pup’s hiding place, hoping to be of some kind of help.

When he arrived, he crouched down and started staring into the concrete structure, looking for the injured dog.

Soon, he locked eyes with sad, glowing eyes, staring right back at him.

man helping dog in a concrete pipe
Source: Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

Not having the heart to leave her, the police officer started talking gently to the pup, hoping to lure her outside.

Luckily, the pup listened to the kind deputy and limped outside. She was then carefully picked up and brought to the vet.

At The Vet

When the pup arrived at the vet, she was searched for a microchip.

However, when one was not found, meaning that the dog did not have a previous owner, she was sadly a candidate for euthanasia.

But, the kind staff at the People for Animal Care & Kindness, of Gig Harbor, Washington State, did not allow it.

puppy with a cone and covered with blanket lying
Source: Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

They were generous enough to offer to cover all of the pup’s emergency surgery expenses, keeping the little pup alive.

Being transferred over to Sumner Veterinary Hospital, the dog, now named Piper, began his recovery journey.

“I was so sad to see this beautiful dog,” said the marketing manager for Sumner Veterinary Hospital, Nichol Phillips.

puppy sleeping in a kennel
Source: Sumner Veterinary Hospital

Being in the needed and well-deserved care, Piper finally felt truly safe.

It truly breaks my heart that she found safety in an underground culvert. We are so grateful to the PCSD deputy who shed his gear and crawled into the pipe to get her.

photo of puppy with a cone on a leash
Source: Sumner Veterinary Hospital

Since her surgery was a success, Piper was lucky enough to find a loving foster home, which helped her get back on her paws, feel better than ever, and come out of her shell.

She really seemed to enjoy her car ride and seemed to love being around other dogs.

two women and a puppy
Source: Sumner Veterinary Hospital

I am sure that after some time, Piper will completely heal and find a loving forever home, forgetting all about her troubling past and enjoying her new, happy life.

Drive Cautiously

According to research conducted by Pet Playgrounds, around 1.2 million dogs pass away due to some kind of car accident.

Included in these numbers are dogs who are already pets, but are not properly restrained in their back yard or even in the car.

Driving or traveling with your pet sure is fun, but you also need to make sure it is safe.

It is also important to ensure your dog’s safety if he or she loves spending time in a back yard that is located near a road.

Your dog could see something he wants to play with, making him run towards it and into an open road; thus, putting him in danger.

So, please make sure that your pet is safe inside a car and around roads and, if you do not own a pet, make sure you are focused on the road and looking out for any furry friends which might give into curiosity.