Heartbroken Dog Clings To His Owner And Refuses To Move After Realizing He’s Being Abandoned


The love we have for our canines is boundless and it will last forever. Our pups feel our love and they know that we will stay by their side for better or worse. 

Sadly, some canines give all their love to heartless owners who don’t deserve them. These owners let them down and abandon them when they become old.

Seymour, a sweet senior pup, knows how it feels to have your feelings hurt by your family. After giving all his love to his owners, they dumped him at a shelter, wishing to have him put down.

Seymour felt scared, and he clung to his owner’s leg as if he understood that he was about to face a sad fate.

The Saddest Eyes That Asked For Help

dog at the shelter with owner
Source: TikTok

Chrissy, a dog rescuer, happened to be at that shelter.

She came to take some dogs to Forgotten, Now Family Rescue, an animal rescue located in Charlotte, North Carolina. 

Chrissy noticed a senior pup entering the shelter with his owner. The pooch could barely walk. He was extremely neglected and frightened.

“He was caked in flea dirt and the smell from the infection he had was clearing the lobby,” Chrissy told The Dodo.

He had the saddest look in his eyes, and he held onto his owner’s leg, hoping he wouldn’t leave him.

Chrissy heard that the pup named Seymour spent eighteen years with his family and that his owners wanted the pooch to be euthanized now. She was left brokenhearted.

At that moment, she made a decision. Seymour was coming with her to the rescue. 

Chrissy and Carcy, a fellow dog rescuer, tried to convince the owner to let them take Seymour to the vet. He initially refused to accept their help. 

Chrissy signaled to the staff member that she would take Seymour with her. 

After Seymour’s owner left the shelter, the canine kept looking around, wondering why he was left standing all alone.

The Life He Was Always Supposed To Have

dog in the car
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Chrissy immediately came to his side and stroked him, letting him know that he was not alone. She was not going to leave him in a cold kennel.

Seymour was both moved and shocked that Chrissy touched him. He didn’t know what love was. 

Since the pup had growths and masses on his face and body, Chrissy took him in as a fospice pup. 

She drove him to the vet to get him the help he needed. She wanted to do everything she could to make him feel better.

Seymour had his masses removed and he continued recovering in Chrissy’s home. 

He was given a ton of love and support. The whole family, including the little humans, cherished the pup and showed him what life was all about.

little boy lying with the dog
Source: Forgotten, Now Family Rescue via The Dodo

No one believed that Seymour had much time left, but thanks to the love he received, the pup proved everyone wrong.

“We expected a short hospice time with him, and even a few days in comfort would be worth it to me. Instead he has given me 13 months and going strong,” Chrissy added.

dog wearing a head cover
Source: Forgotten, Now Family Rescue

Seymour couldn’t believe how much his life had changed. He was no longer a heartbroken and unwanted dog. The canine was now a beloved family member.

The whole family fell in love with his sweet personality and his kind heart.

Chrissy is thankful for having Seymour in their life. She and his family will love him forever and cherish every day they spend with him.

dog and little boy playing with water
Source: Forgotten, Now Family Rescue

“I was there just at the right moment and our hearts were absolutely meant to be,” Chrissy said.

Seymour feels happy because he finally knows how it feels to be unconditionally loved and cared for.  

The doggo lives his best life in Charlotte, North Carolina. He enjoys every day he spends with his forever family, soaking up their infinite love.