Sweet Boxer Mix, Arabella, Surprises Caregivers With The Most Amazing Talent


Who says shelter doggos don’t have hidden talents? 

Ladies and gentlemen, meet Arabella – the most special Boxer mix girl around! She has been entertaining the SFC Virginia staff, from Fredericksburg, Virginia, for quite some time now with her one-of-a-kind ability! 

While the majority of doggos use their cuddles and kisses as their super-fancy, attention-seeking weapon, the sweet girl, Arabella, has something else in mind! 

The Biggest Fan Of Plush Toys

Boxer Mix holds stuffed toys in its mouth
Source: SFC Virginia

When she was first taken in from a shelter in Western Virginia, Arabella was nothing but a stressed out dog. This Boxer mix was in urgent need of a permanent home where she would be the only dog, as she was very much afraid of loud noises and other canines.

“She is stressed out with the sights and sounds of the other dogs in our HQ, and is in need of swift placement in a home environment,” the SFC team said.

As the time went by, nobody inquired about her, which meant staying a little longer at her temporary shelter in Fredericksburg, Virginia. 

Over time, she slowly started gaining self-confidence and seemed a little bit more relaxed around her shelter buddies, but one thing about her just stunned the SFC staff! 

Apparently, Arabella has a special place in her heart for plush toys, as she just enjoys carrying them around in her mouth! 

But, that’s not even the fun part – she challenges herself every day to fit as many plushies as possible into her mouth, and she does it with such style! 

Breaking Her Own Plushie Record

Boxer Mix is sitting and looking at the camera
Source: SFC Virginia

So far, she could fit three plushies in her mouth all at the same time, but just the other day – a new record was announced!

Arabella visited Thunder 104.5 WGRX Radio with SFC volunteer, Kat, in hope of finding a new home for herself. The SFC volunteer revealed that this pawdorable girl officially holds the record of carrying 5 or 6 plush toys at once!

“Arabella is just the best girl. She’s four and a half years old. She is amazing with people. She prefers to be the only animal in your home, so if you’re looking for that one dog that you just want to spoil for the rest of her life – she is your girl for sure,” said Kat, the volunteer from SFC for Thunder 104.5 WGRX.

Arabella Is Still Waiting For A Furever Home

Even though the staff loves having Arabella around, they realize how important it is for her to find a home that she could call her own. For a dog of her temperament, she has been in a shelter for too long, and she desperately needs a permanent home.

cute dog with a leash sitting on the sidewalk
Source: SFC Virginia

With her hidden talent and just the sweetest behavior she displays every day, we’re absolutely pawsitive that she would make any family very happy! She might not be the loudest girl on the field – but she definitely knows how to reciprocate love!

Hopefully, her new owners are waiting just around the corner.

Until next time, PupViners, and don’t forget – you can’t buy love, but you can always rescue it!