Shelter Pittie Has A Special Way Of Getting Attention From People


Being a shelter dog is already ruff.

But, being a senior shelter dog that often gets overlooked is even more painful. 

What does a dog have to do to get adopted around here?

That’s what Rascal, the sweet senior Pittie, was wondering all the time.

As a returnee to the shelter, Rascal saw it all: the good sides and the bad ones, too.

After being adopted and finally thinking he’d have a home, Rascal, the little rascal, was back at the shelter with a broken heart.

Okay, this time it didn’t work. Maybe he didn’t have his charm on the whole time, or maybe the family wasn’t good enough. 

This time, Rascal will do things differently, if only someone would give him a chance.

But, what to do? What to do?

How to make people passing by notice him?

And, that’s when it hit him! Rascal got a terrific idea and he was certain that hoomans would pay attention to him.

Did he succeed?

We’re about to see…

Sometimes, The Silent Ones Are The Loudest

shelter pitbull
Source: Facebook

Who would have the heart to return a dog back to the shelter that has already been there for a while?

Rascal’s previous owners were obviously heartless when they decided he should go back.

The poor creature had to relive the same scenario over again: back at the place where a senior dog often gets overlooked.

Sure thing, it’s easier for puppies and younger dogs. They get their furever homes all the time. People love them no matter their breed, color, or gender.

But, for an older Pitbull, getting people to notice him is quite a challenge.

It made Rascal think… How to get another family to notice him? How to get someone else to adopt him and give him a warm home?

After returning to the shelter, it didn’t take long for Rascal to figure out an idea. 

Reverse psychology? I might give it a try…

Rascal had it up to here with all those screaming puppies and barking dogs. 

Do they have to be so loud?

That’s when he came up with something: he’ll try to stay as silent as he can, press his chin against his kennel door, and just wait.

Someone HAS to notice him. 

Sometimes, the silent ones are the loudest ones. 

In a room full of loud pups, Rascal’s silent move was definitely the loudest. People and staff members of the AMA Animal Rescue, from Brooklyn, sure saw what he was doing.

The experienced shelter pawtizen has been with the AMA since 2019. 

“Nobody can walk by his crate and ignore this cute face,” AMA wrote on their Facebook page. “It is sad that Rascal has to come up with different ideas to grab attention just because he’s homeless. This precious boy was discovered by a kind-hearted NYPD officer, wandering the streets of Brooklyn, but he was malnourished and frail. We couldn’t bear to see him suffer, so we took him in immediately and got him the emergency care he needed … with love, care and training, he’s overcome his past trauma and anxieties.”

When Rascal first arrived at the AMA, he was all skin and bones. The poor pup looked like a living skeleton. 

dog in a shelter
Source: Facebook

Throughout the years, the AMA has taken good care of Rascal, leading him from the walking skeleton you saw in the picture above to a good-looking, healthy boi.

pretty pitbull laying on the grass
Source: Facebook

Look at that smile! All he wants is a loving home.

Any Updates On Rascal?

pitbull outdoor laying
Source: Facebook

Sadly, ever since May of 2022, Rascal has been back with the AMA. 

The videos of him doing his signature chin rest pawsition have gone viral. People from all over the States, not just the Brooklyn area, are interested in Rascal.

However, none of them have gathered the courage to adopt a special dog like this special pooch.

Rascal is still available for adoption. He’s looking for a hooman who has plenty of experience with bigger dogs like him… someone who will make Rascal the only pet. 

Despite what some might think because of his breed, Rascal is the sweetest boy ever! He has a heart of gold, big enough to love everyone. 

Help this good boy get his own cozy bed and an owner who will scratch his ears as they cuddle after a long day of playing. 

You can find more info on Rascal on AMA’s website. Or, you can send them an inquiry on their Facebook page.

Spread the word and share with your friends, so Rascal stops begging for attention.