The Chubbiest Pitbull You’ll Ever See Gets An Amazing Transformation



It’s a modern-day disease, and strikes not only humans, but dogs, too. 

It’s pretty obvious why we shouldn’t let our dogs eat too much. They’re simply not designed to live life as an obese being. No one is. 

Sooner or later, the bones will stop taking the pressure of the weight, the joints will suffer, and the heart will stop beating. 

All because of those extra pounds.

All because of an unhealthy lifestyle.

The math is pretty simple here: you add a healthy diet and regular exercise and the end result is a long-living, healthy dog. 

Dogs, especially those of smaller size, aren’t supposed to have a couple of pounds extra, let alone double their weight.

Sadly, this Pittie was twice her size. But, fortunately, her rescuers reacted in time and the damage was repairable.

Meet Margo, a Pitbull that once weighed 120 pounds. 

Today, she’s a healthy 50 pound-ish girl with a glow-up story you gotta check out! 

Margo’s Incredible Glow Up

the chubbiest pitbull
Source: The Dodo

Volunteering at the shelter for a while gives you an opportunity to see a bunch of unusual things. When Kellie Roman arrived at her local shelter to do her daily chores and walk dogs, she didn’t know what was waiting for her on her to-do list.

Sure thing, it would be a dog waiting to get his or her daily walk. But, what kind of dog?

In her volunteering career, Kellie saw it all, but never a dog as big as Margo.

Nothing would be too odd if Margo was a giant-breed dog like a Great Dane or a Newfie.

Nope, Margo was much smaller than those doggos.

Margo was a Pitbull girl waiting for Kellie that day!

Margo was no ordinary stray picked up off the streets. She was a 120-pound stray, and you don’t see that a lot. In fact, you don’t get to see that, ever! 

fat pitbull on the grass
Source: @operation_margo_makeover

The sweet girl had a long makeover journey ahead of her, not to make her look better and more approachable to potential adopters, but to make her healthy.

And, Kellie took that task very seriously. Kellie pawmissed both herself and Margo that she would help her cut down her meals, exercise more, and lose all that extra weight. 

And, what a better way to help a stray than offer it a foster home. Through the One Love Arizona foster system, Kellie temporarily adopted Margo and their makeover operation could start.

“We started out small, only walking to the house next door and back. Over time, we slowly increased our distance, and now she walks up to 2 miles every day. We also discovered that Margo has hypothyroidism. She is on medication and a strict caloric diet recommended by her vet.”, said Kellie.

pitbull on the sunset
Source: @operation_margo_makeover

Little by little, with lots of determination and Kellie’s belief in Margo, all those extra pounds started to disappear. Margo was losing weight, heading fast to her goal of 65 pounds. 

Usually, Pitbull girls weigh a little less than 50 pounds. But, even 65 lbs was incredible for Margo. Bear in mind that she looked as if she had swallowed another Pittie! 

Margo went from a dog that had days when she couldn’t even move to a Pittie that could tackle a 2-mile walk just like that!

Everything changed as Margo’s body changed. Her sweet personality turned out to be even sweeter. She’s the friendliest Pittie girl you’ll see for miles, and she loves her buddies, Barry and Fiona. 

Still, one thing didn’t change: Margo’s home. 

woman posing with pitbulls
Source: @operation_margo_makeover

Her temporary Arizona-based home with Kellie became a permanent home because Kellie officially adopted Margo! She couldn’t wish for a better mommy! Kellie was a person who truly believed Margo could change.

If Kellie hadn’t been a pusher, Margo would still be a 120-pound Pitbull with an expiration date hanging above her head. 

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Today, Margo is a fit Pittie enjoying life to the fullest! 

Margo’s journey is still not over. She has a bunch of fun adventures to share with her online friends, so make sure you head over to Instagram and follow this miraculous pooch.