Owner Tests Her Dog In A Very Interesting Experiment


I think most of us at some point have wondered if our dogs can recognize us without being able to see us entirely.

I, for one, have tried dressing up a lot during the winter and approaching my dog to see if he can know it’s me purely through smell, and the results were a bit mixed every time I tried it.

In this story, we will talk about a woman who also wanted to test her dog in a similar and interesting way.

An Interesting Experiment

woman crossing the street with a dog
Source: @claserr

During one of their walks, a girl named Clara Serrada had an interesting experiment in mind. She was wondering if her dog, named Bimba, would be able to recognize her in a crowd. 

I mean, after all, New York City is big and it’s easy to miss someone when walking on the street.

Bimba wasn’t new to long walks through the city, so this certainly did seem like an interesting opportunity to test her abilities.

In order to start the experiment, Serrada had her boyfriend walk the dog on the other side of the street until they eventually walked in her direction.

The idea was that her sense of smell could possibly help her recognize Serrada, but that wasn’t the case.

A Positive Outcome

woman holding a little puppy on a boat
Source: @claserr

Like a real New Yorker, Bimba just passed right next to her owner and was focused on something else.

When she realized that the dog missed her, she called out to her, hoping that she would catch her voice.

When Bimba heard her voice, she paused for a moment and tried to figure out where it was coming from.

She turned around, and when she saw Serrada, she immediately ran in her direction and started hugging her.

In the video, you can see the whole event unfolding and her reaction to everything that was going on.

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Clarra Serrada told The Dodo: I knew that at the end she would get crazy saying hi. Every time I come home, she says hi like she hasn’t seen me in months.

So, while they may not have hit the mark spot on with this little experiment, it’s pretty clear that Bimba loves her owner more than anything and is always excited to see her.