This German Shepherd Holding Visitors’ Hands Will Melt Your Heart


There are so many shelter dogs who were picked up on the streets as strays. Sadly, they never felt what a loving home feels like. For them, coming to a shelter represents hope that they will find humans who will love them forever.

On the other hand, dogs who were surrendered to shelters by their owners had to deal with the unexpected and stressful change of their circumstances. They had a home, but it was taken away from them, along with love, freedom, and attention.

Maxine went through such an experience, but she didn’t let it discourage her. This is her story.

In A Shelter Crate

Cute brown german shepherd

In September 2022, Maxine, a one-year-old German Shepherd, was surrendered to the City of San Bernardino Animal Services, in San Bernardino, California. Her owners gave her up because she didn’t get along with their other dog.

“She was great with everyone in the home, but the other dog did not like her,” said Melissa, the volunteer coordinator at the shelter.

Instead of being at home, Maxine found herself in a shelter crate surrounded by strangers. She missed the love and freedom that were suddenly taken away from her.

Searching For Love

Dog giving his hand trough cage

Shortly after she arrived, the shelter staff noticed that she was reaching out her paws through the crate and resting them in the visitors’ hands. She was hungry for love and she craved the gentle touch of a human hand.

Every time visitors stopped by her crate to say hello, Maxine became very excited. 

In November 2022, a video was shared on the shelter’s Facebook page that showed Maxine wriggling around in her crate and putting her head as close to the bars as possible so that visitors could pet her. 

As they stroked her through the bars, she enjoyed their cuddles very much and licked the visitors’ hands as if she wanted to let them know how much she appreciated it.

Maxine never lost hope that her luck would soon change.

Dog giving both of his hands trough cage

Her story and her endearing way of trying to hold visitors’ hands touched the hearts of many people.

A couple of weeks after her story was shared on social media, Maxine was adopted. Now, she has a forever family, and there’s no doubt they will shower her with hugs and kisses. They will hold her paws every day and she will feel that she is finally loved.

Maxine’s happy ending made us immensely overjoyed. We hope that all shelter dogs find their forever home and that they live happily ever after.