A Woman Is Driving With Her Dog When She Is Suddenly Surprised By A Weird Optical Illusion


When writing about dogs, I have found one thing that is common among all of them. They are all very playful and happy-spirited animals. 

Even when most of them have been through a lot, their personalities always shine through. It’s why we love them so much. 

Their playfulness can sometimes be a cause for many great memories, especially when they do something weird. 

In this story, we will talk about a woman whose happy pup went viral after causing an unusual optical illusion.

Meet Howard

close-up photo of dog lying
Source: @theellenmack

Ever since Ellen Mackenzie adopted her dog, Howard, she knew that he was going to be a high-spirited individual.

Mackenzie told The Dodo: He’s all legs at the moment.He’s still trying to figure out how those work.

In the time he has been with her, he has taken an interest in swimming and walking through the park. However, sitting still in the car is still something that is going to take a bit more time.

There is just always something fun for him to explore anywhere he is, including in the vehicle, so you bet that he is not just going to sit in one spot.

dog named howard at the beach
Source: @theellenmack

One of his favorite things to do inside the car is peek through the sunroof and see what is outside. 

Mackenzie said: He’ll put his head out and you’ll just see ears and chops flapping in the wind.

On other occasions, he likes to rummage through the trunk. In case he finds something that smells appealing, he will go for it. 

Funny Optical Illusion

dog leaning over back seat of a car
Source: @ellmack1

However, because Howard is still not used to growing up so fast, his legs will fall behind on the back seat and his front half will be in charge of devouring anything in his path.

Mackenzie knew that he was going to eat something he shouldn’t, so she yelled Howard’s name.

She said: I didn’t want him to get into the bread bag. I just kept yelling, ‘Howard! Get out of there!’

Instead of turning back and getting in his seat, he only turned his head onto the other side of the headrest, which caused a funny optical illusion.

Mackenzie knew she had to record this, so she pulled out her phone and made a quick video. She later sent it to her friends, who suggested that she put it on social media, which she did.

dog hanging over the back seat of a car
Source: @ellmack1

She said: Now when he does it, he can’t turn around. He gets his back end stuck between the middle headrest and the side headrest. I have to stop the car completely to get him unstuck.

It didn’t take a long time for the video to go viral, as many people were surging in to see the funny dog and the illusion. Mackenzie is glad that this funny moment made a lot of people laugh.

If this story shows us anything, it’s just how quickly our dogs grow up and how important it is to capture every moment with them. 


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