A Frightened Dog Who Was Missing For A Month Finally Got Reunited With His Human


As soon as Mitchell County Animal Rescue, Inc., North California, got a call about a scared dog who was found near a highway on July 5th, they assumed that she probably ran away, frightened from the fireworks from the night before.

However, they were shocked when they realized that they had a dog who had been missing for over a month.

Frightened Dog

a frightened dog stands on a tree in the forest
Source: Sue Kiss

When a couple watching the Northern California fireworks on July 4th saw an animal run underneath their car, at first, they thought it was a fox. However, they soon found out that it was a little dog instead.

“She looked really scared,” said Marilyn Williams.

They had a lot of trouble trying to get the frightened dog from underneath, but as they persisted, the couple managed to make her get out and jump into the car all by herself.

a sad lost dog stands in the forest in the snow
Source: Sue Kiss

The couple then drove the dog to their home for the night, giving her food and water and some first-aid for a cut on her face.

She was very quiet and timid, she never barked once. She never made a peep.

At the Shelter

As soon as the sun rose the next morning, the couple took the pup to the Mitchell County Animal Shelter, hoping that they would help the lost pup reunite with her owner.

the dog walks on the wooden floor in front of the house
Source: Sue Kiss

The moment the employees saw the dog’s face, they were shocked.

Having a missing poster of a senior dog named Fiona, who went missing a month earlier, taped to their front door, they quickly recognized that this dog looked exactly like her.

They immediately scanned her microchip, which confirmed that this was indeed her!


They swiftly called her mom, sharing the good news, and as soon as she got to the shelter, Fiona couldn’t contain her excitement.

Fiona was finally back in the warm embrace of her mom and she couldn’t be happier.

The Williams family was also very happy, although they couldn’t help but miss the sweet little pup they got to foster for the night.

It’s just a really happy ending to a really special story.