The Puppies Had Just Seen The Light Of Day When Soft-Hearted People Came In A Rescue Mission


A happy family is one of the most important things in this world. Mommies and daddies with their puppies deserve to live in a loving home with all the necessities they need. 

Unfortunately, not all of them are so lucky. As there are many abandoned dogs on the streets of the U.S., some of them also give birth while homeless. 

So, it is always lovely to hear stories about animal-loving people who try their best to rescue these poor puppies and provide them with the life they deserve. 

New Little Family In The Yard

puppies lying on a blanket
Source: Hope For Paws

Loreta Franknyte, and her colleague from Hope For Paws, were already on their way through the streets of Los Angeles after they received a call for help from Foxy and the Hounds. 

Two dogs walked into a private yard. They didn’t know in detail what was going on with them, but just before their arrival, they found out that the female dog had given birth. 

They hurried to secure a place because they knew that the dogs’ reactions could be unpredictable, especially after whelping.

When they got there, the male dog was so scared that he tried to run through the escape route on the other side. Fortunately, they were able to create two lines of defense to ensure the dog’s safety. 

When they were finally sure that mom and dad wouldn’t run away, a team from Hope For Paws devoted themselves to the little ones.

There were four of them, and all of the puppies seemed fine except for one, whose body temperature was too low. But, they got an idea. 

They put a warm blanket in the crate and wrapped the little one in it to keep him warm. After that, Loreta immediately placed the others in safety. Although mom and dad watched it all in disbelief, it was definitely the best thing for the puppies. 

They Did Not Want To Separate

two scared dogs
Source: Hope For Paws

Mom and Dad, whom they called Mr. Big and Carrie, huddled together in a small place in the yard, wondering what would happen to them.

Given that their puppies were taken away and they were left alone on the road for a long time, they were very scared. These dogs did not gain trust in these people even when they gave them some food and water to feel better. 

Poor Mr. Big was shaking all over, and he wouldn’t even take anything, as he cowered in a corner next to Carrie. She, on the other hand, did eat a few bites of juicy sausage because she knew she needed to be able to produce milk, even under stress. 

When Loreta was aware that she was able to gain just a little bit of her trust, she placed a Lucky Leash around her neck. 

This, on its own, wasn’t a very hard part, but when they tried to get her into the crate, Carrie was so upset that she was being separated from Mr. Big that she almost bit off the leash. 

However, the moment when they managed to somehow get her inside, there was no need to worry about Mr. Big because he immediately ran inside after her. What a devoted dog Mr. Big is!

They were now ready to be brought into safety and reunited as one big, happy family. When they got there, first, they showed mommy and daddy that their puppies were safe, which immediately put them in a happy mood. 

Time To Say Goodbye For Their New Lives

mom and dad dog lying with their puppies
Source: Hope For Paws

Foxy and the Hound, based in Los Angeles, were fostering Mr. Big, Carrie, and their puppies. They named their four babies: Samantha, Miranda, Charlotte, and Aidan. 

Everything was as it should be, and Mr. Big helped Carrie care for the little ones like a true, responsible father of his family. 

However, after a few happy and blessed months together, it was time for everyone to go their separate ways and find their new families. 

And, there was definitely happy news. The whole family got adopted. First, it was mama. After raising 4 children and preparing them for their new lives, she could finally rest and get in a solid nap in her new home. 

mama dog sleeping peacefully on the couch
Source: Laurie Jaffe Bernhard

Her little ones, Miranda, Aidan, Samantha, and Charlotte, also found their perfect forever homes, so mommy and daddy didn’t have to worry about their futures. 

adopted puppies with their new families
Source: Foxy and the Hounds

Finally, daddy was in his new, happy place as he captured the hearts of two beautiful people who would surely provide him with the much-needed love he deserved. 

man and woman holding the adopted dog
Source: Foxy and the Hounds FB Page

From a difficult birth in the back yard to a warm home, to new, happy lives, the story about this little sweet dog family is surely one of a kind.